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Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to you all, after what I hope has been a restful and fun-filled break. This week, it has been wonderful to welcome back our pupils. The school is once again a hub of activity and learning, with their stories from the break certainly bringing a renewed energy to our corridors.

On a personal note, this Christmas reminded me of the simple joys and unexpected lessons of childhood. Watching Indigo, my two-year-old, more fascinated with boxes and wrapping paper than the actual gifts inside, was a delightful reminder of the wonder and imagination in children. It underscores what we often see in education: sometimes, it’s the simplest resources that inspire the greatest creativity.

I am delighted to write my first ‘Thoughts from the Study’ in 2024, knowing that it will appear in the inaugural issue of our school’s newly designed online newsletter. We are very much a school that values feedback, and I believe it crucial to stay humble and keep listening. This new design aims to make information more readable across a range of devices, with the ability to keep up with whole school news as needed, as well as filter out only the key pieces of information pertinent to a child’s year group. As part of the design process, we completed a communication-focused parent survey, before seeking further feedback from a test group of parents on the content and design. As we progress into the spring term, I hope this new format will serve as an efficient and streamlined source of information which includes many more fun highlights from the week in picture form as well as a fortnightly calendar.

The holidays are always a busy time in school as we continue to invest in the site and undertake further significant refurbishments. I am pleased to report that the Year One classroom and Music room have now been completely transformed, in line with the Scandinavian palette and research-backed design, similar to that in many of our other classrooms. Working across the holidays, we have created spaces that are not only conducive to learning but are also warm, cosy, and homely, creating a home away from home atmosphere for the children to enjoy. These environments are crafted to ensure our children can focus on the content being taught while enjoying their learning experience in a modern space.

Our commitment to sustainability is further reflected in the upgrade of our school kitchen to three-phase electrics, a significant step in reducing our reliance on gas. Chef Tom is very happy with his new induction oven too, which is easily worth the investment, considering Jam Sponge Puddings may be back on the menu (reduced sugar, of course).

The server rooms have also been updated to support our growing digital needs, and Harrow House’s hallways have been revitalised, creating a more inviting environment for our community with a nod to our Edwardian heritage, with more parquet flooring. We continue to reflect on the impact of climate change and London’s variable temperatures and have installed split-unit heating and cooling air conditioning systems in the PK and K classrooms. The staff and children are already enjoying the impact of these units as temperatures plummeted this week. We now have aircon across much of the school site with plans to offset the carbon footprint of these units with future plans to install Broomfield’s own solar panel solution.

As we move forward, I am confident that these improvements will further enrich the experience the children have when in school. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement as we maintain our forward-thinking approach and, as with the newsletter, please keep the feedback coming. We have further considerable work planned this academic year with planning already in motion.

I look forward to catching up with you all over the next few weeks. If we have not had a chance to speak yet this term, please do catch me at drop off and pick up if you have a moment to say hello.

All the best for a cold yet relaxing weekend.

Mr Anstey

and Notices

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Whole School


As the evenings have started to get lighter again, we will now go back to the normal procedure for collecting your children from after school clubs. All parents should come to the Prince’s Road gate which will be opened at the finish time of your child’s club. All children can be collected from the top patch except After School Care, where parents will need to go to the PK classroom to collect the children. You must inform the club staff member that you are taking your child.  

If you are late and the gate is locked, please go to the Broomfield Road gate and come to the office as your child will be waiting with the office team.  

Once the Princes Road gate is locked by staff from the inside, it MUST NOT be opened by a non-staff member as this is done for the safety of all people onsite. If you need to exit the school and the gate is locked, please exit via the main school door by the front office.  



Thank you to the parents in Years 1 and 3 who have been dropping their children to school at 8:20am on Tuesday mornings. This has enabled the coach to leave for the pool in good time. Please can we remind parents who choose to deliver their child to the pool, that they must be handed over directly to a Broomfield member of staff. It is essential that the children are not allowed to just join the line or make their own way into the Pools on the Park building. We very much appreciate parents supporting their children and watching the swimming lessons; however, we kindly ask you to refrain from any interaction with the children at the pool ie: entering the changing room, taking their swimming bags from them or providing them with snacks. The children will return to school and have a snack and the teachers follow a bag/child check policy that is much easier to do if everyone has their bag. Moving forward for safety, consistency and fairness, could all parents kindly follow this. 



As we start the Spring Term, Mr Pache has highlighted some important information regarding Tag Rugby and sports uniform. Our Tag rugby games sessions will start on Wednesday 31st January for Years 4, 5 and 6 and on Thursday 1st February for Years 2 & 3. All the children will participate in Tag Rugby at Old Deer Park.  Both girls and boys will need football boots. If you are providing your child with lace-up boots, please make sure they can tie their own laces. Alternatively, Velcro-fastened boots can be purchased from some retailers. Metal studs are not permitted. 

Games Uniform Girls- Red games top, skort, striped socks, studded football boots, hoodie, waterproof or sports coat, school black tracksuit bottoms or white or black skin/base layer and long-sleeved white or black skin/base layer for the colder weather. Water bottles are essential.  

Games Uniform Boys – Striped games top, red shorts, striped socks, studded football boots (hoodie, waterproof or sports coat, school black tracksuit bottoms or white or black skin/base layer and long-sleeved white or black skin/base layer for the colder weather. Water bottles are essential.  

Please ensure that your children come to school in the correct uniform when participating in games. Without the studded football boots, they cannot participate in the session. This is purely for the children’s safety as the games field can be slippery in winter conditions. 

Year 3-6

Open Class Morning   – Year 3, 4 & 5  

We are hosting our informal open class mornings again this spring term where parents of Y3 – Y5 are invited to come and view the classroom as well as have a coffee and chat to the teachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team.  We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 3, 4 & 5 parents on Friday 26th January at 8:30am – 9am. Parents can come at the usual drop off time and accompany their child to their classroom, where they can show you around. After 10 minutes, parents are invited to make their way to the dining hall to have a coffee and chat.  



Our favourite policeman will be visiting Broomfield on Monday to see Year 5 and 6. PC Mick will discuss the age of criminal responsibility, judicial system and online safety. For Year 6, they will discuss robbery and how to minimise the risk of being robbed as well as what to do if you witness a robbery. They will also discuss the magistrates and how the judicial system works.   



Our Year 5 and 6 netball players have been practising during breaktimes for their upcoming fixtures. The teams will play in a fixture against St Catherine’s on Wednesday 17th January (no spectators allowed). Collection will be as usual, from school, at 4.30pm.  

Parents have been notified if their child has been selected for the Broomfield Red team, who will represent Broomfield at the ISA Netball Qualifiers on Friday 19th January. (No Spectators Allowed). We wish everyone the best of luck. 



We are very excited to inform you of a new musical learning experience “BROOMFIELD HOUSE ROCKS” starting at the end of January 2024. Individual tuition combined with a weekly band rehearsal and a performance at the end of each term, makes this a unique and exciting learning experience.

No musical training required.

Open to Years 4 to 6

The package includes:

30 minute individual tuition

45 minutes band rehearsal

For more information please email: GMcNeillie@broomfieldhouse.com

Dukes Club

A parent’s perspective on helping children deal with disappointment: Head of Devonshire House Prep, Henry Keighley-Elstub, reflects on his own experiences as a parent and offers advice on how to try to help children build resilience to deal with disappointment. Read more >>

How to help build emotional resilience in your child: Founder of Teen Tips and The Wellbeing Hub, Alicia Drummond, on how parents can help their children build mental resilience to navigate a fast changing world. Read more >>



Welcome back!

As the days gradually lengthen, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome back to all our families at the beginning of Spring Term.

Now, as we embark on a new season of growth and learning, we are excited to have our school buzzing with the energy and enthusiasm of the whole school community. Let’s make this Spring Term truly special!

Exciting Transformations

A Glimpse into Our Classroom Refurbishment Journey

We are continuing our efforts to refurbish the classrooms and want to give you a glimpse into the wonderful changes taking place.

‘I feel very excited because all looks so new and different. I can see all my friends in the way we are sitting now’- Pippa

‘The white makes me happy because it looks like snow’- Kade

Learning Enrichment

Lively debating workshop

On Thursday, Year 5 spent the morning arguing with each other! But no worries ­- it was all in the spirit of developing their debating skills. As some may recall, last year our school team successfully qualified for the final of the Cicero Cup schools’ debating competition, narrowly losing out in the final in Central London. Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience but formal debating, where two teams compete to defend opposing sides of an issue, is a fabulous life skill which helps unlock many doors. Debbie Newman, director of the schools’ debating organisation Noisy Classroom, generated a fun, intensive and stimulating morning session with Year 5 to hone their debating skills ahead of this year’s competition.

Learning Enrichment

Weekly Awards

Music Star of the Week
Emma, Year 5
Artist of the Week
Simran, Year 4

Polite Person of the Week

PK: Cathie
K: Emilia

Y1: Miya
Y2: Tamara

Y3: Magnus
Y4: Aurelia

Y5: Lola
Y6: Sam

Upcoming Events

Monday 15th Jan

11:30am: PC Mick visiting Y5 and Y6 

Tuesday 16th Jan
Wednesday 17th Jan

ALL DAY: Dukes Videographer in School

2pm: Netball Game V St Catherines (Year 5/6 girls) – No Spectators

Thursday 18th Jan
Friday 19th Jan

8:45am – 3:30pm: ISA Netball Qualifiers

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach  

Monday 22nd Jan

11:30am: Year 3 Greek Workshop 

Tuesday 23rd Jan
Wednesday 24th Jan

9am: Kindergarten attending Polka Theatre for The Littlest Yak 

Thursday 25th Jan
Friday 26th Jan

8:30am: Open Class morning Years 3, 4, & 5 

9am – 12:30pm: Kindergarten to Forest School 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach  

Playground Snapshots