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DisruptEd 2024

Yesterday, I found myself immersed in the vibrant discussions at the DisruptEd unconference, held at a café within the walls of Battersea Power Station. The term ‘unconference’ was used as the concept aimed to depart from the norms of an overly formalised approach to sharing ideas, adopting a format akin to that of a TED Talk. Speakers included the ex-Director of Education from Apple, who pitched his current tech start-up with a personalised AI assistant named Milo.

It was fascinating to hear the myriad ideas that diverge significantly from my own school experiences and, I am certain, those of many of our parents. Technology, with its ever-evolving tools like AI, VR, and immersive learning platforms such as the metaverse, offers unparalleled opportunities for educational innovation. These technologies have the potential to redefine the paradigms of teaching and learning, making education more accessible, engaging, and tailored to individual needs. As highlighted at the conference, the integration of such technologies in educational settings can help prepare children for the rapidly changing landscape of future job markets, as recently published in the World Economic Forum’s 2023 report. This is a crucial read for any school leader or parent and can be found here.

However excited we get about new, shiny tech, it is vital to strike a careful balance that harnesses the benefits of technological advancements in education, while also embracing the timeless value of nature in fostering well-being and growth in our children. Amidst all the high-tech buzz, vendors selling their one-stop-shop solutions to education and promotional branding, I cannot help but reminisce about the simple joys of childhood spent outdoors, playing tag, marvelling at bugs, and just basking in the sunshine with friends without the constant notifications and attention-grabbing algorithms that we, as adults, endure or embrace in our daily lives.

Technology in education is truly thrilling, and as you will know from earlier Thoughts from the Study, Broomfield is embracing the very best solutions for our children. From virtual reality classrooms and personalised AI tutors to wellbeing bots and holographic presentations, it is clear that we are living in a future many of us could not have imagined. This new tech is not just a fad but a fundamental shift in how we learn and teach, and it is crucial for educators to ensure that all children are being prepared for their own futures within this fast-moving landscape. Yet, amidst all the tech-talk, I could not help but remain sceptical, reminding those I spoke with about the need to balance our screen time with green time.

Our shared enthusiasm for digital innovation must be tempered with a conscious recognition of technology’s limitations and potential drawbacks. The conference, at times, underscored the importance of mindful adoption of technology, but more needs to be done to ensure that schools carefully select tech solutions that not only offer immediate educational benefits but also consider the long-term impact on learners. Overreliance on digital platforms can inadvertently lead to a diminished engagement with the physical world, potentially stifling creativity, critical thinking, and the development of social skills.

This is where the role of nature and outdoor learning becomes pivotal. Research and historical wisdom alike advocate for the myriad benefits of nature on human development and well-being. Our very own Forest School has been developed exactly for this reason. Engaging with the natural environment fosters children’s physical health, enhances emotional resilience, and promotes cognitive and social development. While tech can certainly make us all more productive, we certainly do not want to move into a world where, as humans, we use technology to work like machines. Outdoor learning experiences are invaluable, offering children and adults vital life skills such as problem-solving and adaptability, with fresh air often making us feel good. These experiences also instil in us all a sense of environmental stewardship, nurturing a generation that is not only technologically savvy but also environmentally conscious.

The balance between technology and nature in education should not be viewed as a dichotomy but rather as a synergistic relationship. Technology can augment outdoor learning experiences, making them more interactive and informative through tools like augmented reality (AR) that can bring to life the intricate details of the natural world, but nothing can quite replicate the wind in your hair, the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day, and the warm sun on your face.

All the very best for the weekend.

Mr Anstey


and Notices

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Whole School


We are very excited to be running our wonderful Easter School between Monday 25th March and Thursday 28th March and children between Pre-Kindergarten and Year 6 are welcome to join us. It will be run by Miss Bendall and Mr Pache, supported by helpers from within our school community. There will be two sessions each day: mornings run between 9:30am to 12 noon and afternoons are between 1pm and 3.30pm.  Children staying for the whole day should bring a packed lunch which must not include any products containing nuts or which have been produced in a factory where nuts are processed.  We will provide drinks and snacks during the sessions.  Each session costs £35, so a full day is £70.  Please use this online form below to book your child’s Easter School sessions.  Once we have received your completed form, the team will confirm your chosen days to avoid any confusion.  Mrs Crocker will invoice you before the start of Easter School.

Easter School has always been extremely popular so please book early to avoid disappointment.  The deadline for bookings is Tuesday 5th March.
The activities on offer across the week include: 

  • Arts and crafts 
  • Computing fun 
  • Indoor/outdoor games 
  • Multisport 
  • Trips to local parks 




There will be no swimming for all year groups on Tuesday February 6th as the Borough Swimming Gala is taking place that day at Pools in the Park. Children will be notified if they are selected to compete in this event. Please bring the children to school at the normal time of 8:30am. 



Our tag rugby games sessions will start on Wednesday 31st January for Years 4, 5 and 6 and on Thursday 1st February for Years 2 & 3. All the children will participate in tag rugby at Old Deer Park.  Both girls and boys will need football boots. If you are providing your child with lace-up boots, please make sure they can tie their own laces. Alternatively, Velcro-fastened boots can be purchased from some retailers. Metal studs are not permitted. 

Games Uniform Girls – Red games top, skort, striped socks, studded football boots, hoodie, waterproof or sports coat, school black tracksuit bottoms or white or black skin/base layer and long-sleeved white or black skin/base layer for the colder weather. Water bottles are essential.  

Games Uniform Boys – Striped games top, red shorts, striped socks, studded football boots, hoodie, waterproof or sports coat, school black tracksuit bottoms or white or black skin/base layer and long-sleeved white or black skin/base layer for the colder weather. Water bottles are essential.  

Please ensure that your children come to school in the correct uniform when participating in games. Without the studded football boots, they cannot participate in the session. This is purely for the children’s safety as the games field can be slippery in winter conditions. 



Brentford FC CST is proud to announce that we will be running gymnastics and dance camps in collaboration with I Got Soul Performing arts. I Got Soul School of Performing Arts focuses on creating confident, energetic and friendly students, making it the ideal place to house the stars of the future! Influencing professionalism and building unique performers, I Got Soul has gained huge acclaim and as well as encouraging fun and being your unique self. The camps will allow participants to learn new gymnastics skills and put their best foot forward in street dance and breaking classes. 

Book before the 1st of Feb and receive a 10% discount using the code – DANCESIBLING 


PK and K


Pre-Kindergarten are excited for their upcoming trip to the amazing Red Beard Forest School at Syon Park on Friday 2nd February. The children will depart school at 9am and will return at approximately 12pm. The children should wrap up well with layers of clothing and warm boots/shoes as they will be outside for the entire session. Chef Tom will prepare snacks and the class will be back at school in time for a warm lunch. They will be exploring winter in the great outdoors, woodland crafts and building a campfire. 

Years 1 and 2


The Year 1 children are eagerly anticipating an exciting event organised by some of our Year 1 families to celebrate Lunar New Year 2024 and the “Year of Dragon” on Tuesday, 6th February. This event will take place in the school hall at 2:15pm, followed by a delightful dance session with Ms. Maggie Chen, a dancer from the UK China Performing Arts, from 2:50pm to 3:20pm. We warmly welcome the presence of Year 1 families for both the presentation and the dance activities. If you plan to attend, kindly notify Mrs. Wu so that we can arrange seating in the hall accordingly. 



We are hosting our informal open class mornings again this spring term. Parents of children in Years 1 and 2, are invited to come and view the classroom as well as have a coffee and chat to the teachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team.  We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 1 and 2 parents on Friday 2nd February at 8:30am – 9am. Parents can come at the usual drop off time and accompany their child to their classroom, where they can show you around. After 10 minutes, parents are invited to make their way to the dining hall to have a coffee and chat.   

Years 4 - 6


Year 4 are travelling to Hampton Court Palace for an adventure in history as they are studying the Tudors.  The trip is taking place on Thursday 1st February and it is an all-day trip. They will travel by coach and will leave and return during the school day.  Chef Tom will prepare a packed lunch, but the children will need their water bottles in a hands-free bag (the sports bag works well). Children must be in full school uniform and grey winter coats, however they can wear their Broomfield beanies as it will be cold. Time permitting, the children will visit the gift shop and can bring a maximum of £10 spending money.  



The Broomfield Red team will take part in the ISA Cross Country Competition in Sherifield School on Friday 2nd February. Parents in Years 4-6 will have been informed if their child has been selected to run.  The children will travel by coach, leaving school at 8.00am and we anticipate they will return to school for the normal pick up at 3.30pm.  They will need to be in their Games kit with their sports coat and a water bottle.  Chef Tom will provide them with a packed lunch. 



Year 6 will be taking a trip to Parliament on Friday 2nd February. The children will travel by coach, which will depart from school at 8am, so please ensure the children arrive at 7:50am. The children will return to school around noon. The children should be in full school uniform and bring their water bottles with them. The children should come to school with their school bags which they can leave in their classrooms before the trip. 



Selected pupils will join Mr Kennedy to debate for the Cicero Cup at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School on Tuesday 30th January. They will leave school at 8am (o please ensure the children arrive at 7:50am) and will return at approximately 2pm.  Parents will have been advised already if their child is in the team.  Chef Tom will prepare packed lunches for the children and they should take their water bottles with them. The children should be in full school uniform. 

PTA News



Thursday 29th February
Venue: BHS School Hall
Time: 6.45pm arrival – get your drinks!
7.15pm start

PTA Meeting Minutes

The PTA would like to thank all parents, teachers and staff who attended the meeting on Monday evening where some great positive ideas were discussed. Please find attached the meeting minutes.

Dukes Club

Beyond the classroom, beyond the books

A chance viewing of classic movies on a plane led Jonathan Cuff, Director, Dukes Education, to reflect on how education approaches knowledge acquisition

‘Leading with heart’ in action

The gap between for-profit organisations and charitable endeavours may seem vast — and growing. The Dukes Foundation has the potential to bridge this gap and become a pioneer in marrying business with philanthropy, explains Glen Fendley, Director, Dukes Foundation


Greek Day

On Monday, Year 3 immersed themselves in the wonders of ancient Greece during their Greek Day celebration. The highlight of the day was a captivating performance by a visiting theatre group, bringing to life a snippet of an ancient Greek play.
Learning Enrichment

ISA Netball Regional Tournament

Last Friday the netball team (red) represented Broomfield at the ISA Regional Netball Tournament (London West). Broomfield won 6 of their 8 games and came an impressive 3rd place out of 14 teams, qualifying for the National Finals in March. The girls worked so hard, displaying some exceptional netball skills, flexibility in their positions and tenacity against some really tough opposition.   Well done!

Polka Theatre

Kindergarten thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Polka theatre in Wimbledon to see ‘The Littlest Yak’. The winter themed musical show entertained the children with beautiful puppets, catchy tunes and an uplifting tale of self-acceptance.

Early Years

Science Discoveries

Year 2 children have been learning about everyday materials in their science lessons. Our mini scientists explored the outdoor areas, investigating the materials used in playground equipment, garden structures, and even the school building itself. From wood to metal, plastic to fabric, their knowledge expanded as they connected the dots between the lessons and the real world.

Art Highlight

Year 3 children studied the work of Marc Chagall. Inspired by his free compositions and vivid use of colour, the class created their own paintings. They also reflected on the mixed media technique using oil pastels and gouache.

Weekly Awards

Drama Star of the Week
Alexi (Y4)
Artist of the Week
Zivah (K)
Sports Star of the Week
Bethan (Y6)
Music Star of the Week
Magnus (Y3)

Polite Person

Pre-Kindergarten: Gaia
Kindergarten: Kanna

Year 1: Aazil
Year 2: Florence S

Year 3: Gigi
Year 4: Maya

Year 5: Anika
Year 6: Charlotte

Upcoming Events

Monday 29th Jan
Tuesday 30th Jan

8am: Y5 Debating at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

Wednesday 31st Jan

Games – First tag rugby session

Thursday 1st Feb

9:30am – 2pm: Y4 to Hampton Court Palace

Friday 2nd Feb

8am – 2pm: ISA Cross Country – Sherfield School
8am – 12pm: Y6 to Parliament
8:30am – 9am: Open Class Morning Y1/Y2
9am – 12:30pm: PK to Forest School

Monday 5th Feb
Tuesday 6th Feb

2pm – 3:30pm: Y1 Luna New Year Celebrations

Wednesday 7th Feb

9am – 3pm: Y1 Trip to Shrek’s Adventure

Thursday 8th Feb
Friday 9th Feb

8:30am – 9am: Open Class Morning PK and K
3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach

Playground Snapshots