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Cultural Diversity

Last time I checked, we boasted 32 spoken languages within our school community—a statistic I find truly magnificent. At the core of Broomfield’s ethos is the commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where every child, family, and staff member feels valued and understood. In our journey through the rich mosaic of cultures that embellish our school, we’re constantly reminded of the pivotal role cultural education plays in moulding the minds and hearts of our children. This is why the Early Years Statutory Framework dedicates an entire section to ‘Understanding the World’, highlighting its significance. In light of the unrest in various parts of the globe, it’s imperative for us to remember that strong relationships are built on a deep understanding and respect for one another, celebrating our diverse beliefs and traditions. It’s crucial that our children are immersed in a broad spectrum of cultural experiences, with this week serving as a prime example.

Earlier this week, I had the joy of witnessing parts of the Lunar New Year celebration in Year 1, and was also delighted to hear about the success of the Pre-Kindergarten festivities. The celebrations marking the Year of the Dragon offered a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of others, providing some children with entirely new experiences. The hall resonated with the soothing melodies of music played by some of our parents, accompanied by a mesmerising dance performance by a professional dancer, whose movements vividly narrated the traditions and stories from distant lands. The children, many adorned in traditional attire, participated in the dancing, creating a vibrant atmosphere of communal joy and fun. I am profoundly thankful for the exceptional support from our parent community and would like to extend my personal gratitude to all involved for crafting such a memorable experience for the children. This week has mirrored our school’s dedication to embracing and learning from the plethora of cultures that enrich our lives.

We observe various religious holidays, significant events, and important dates throughout the academic year, and yet, are always eager to expand our cultural horizons. Discussions are ongoing about how we can weave more cultural experiences into our curriculum, an endeavour we are excited to delve into.

Our teaching philosophy not only incorporates these elements through the curriculum but also in assemblies, enrichment clubs, and through the invaluable contributions of our diverse staff. Culturally responsive teaching strategies underscore our dedication to diversity by forging meaningful connections between classroom-based lessons and the varied backgrounds of our children. On a daily basis I see the school as a haven for expression, sharing experiences, and embracing the diverse backgrounds that enrich our community. I firmly believe that acknowledging and nurturing the unique cultural strengths each child brings to the classroom not only fosters academic success but also creates a supportive atmosphere that celebrates our differences.

The saying goes, “Life is like a book, and those who do not travel only get to read a single page.” I am aware that a significant number of families will be utilising the half-term break as an opportunity to travel to different countries and immerse themselves in new cultures. Similarly, many will opt to spend time as a family closer to home, partaking in adventures that embrace the wealth of cultural opportunities on offer around London, right on our doorstep. As we reach this halfway point in the academic year, we will continue to explore new ways to incorporate even more diversity into our school, thereby further enriching the learning experiences for all.

Whatever your plans are for the break, I wish you a restful, fun-filled and positive week and for all those celebrating the Luna New Year (and those who do not) , I am sending my best wishes for happiness, good health, luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

Mr Anstey


and Notices

Whole School


SOCS booking will be open from this Friday 9th February until Sunday 16th February 2024 for all those wishing to make any changes to summer term club requirements. If anyone would like to sign up to a new club, please contact Mrs Crocker on admin@broomfieldhouse.com, or book in using the SOCS portal.  If you do not have a SOCS login, please contact Mrs Crocker for details on how to do this.   

Please read below for important information and changes to current clubs:  

At this moment in time, Monday Science Club is low in numbers.  Should numbers not increase for the summer term, we will unfortunately have to cancel.  If anyone is interested, please do get in touch with Mrs Crocker or book via the SOCS portal.   

Three of the sport clubs are changing from the summer term: Monday Football Club for years 1-2, Tuesdays Athletics for years 2-3 and Thursdays Athletics for years K-Year 1 will now become Multi Sports Club.    

The Multi-Sport Clubs consist of a different sport every week, which enables children to participate in activities they may not usually try. Sports include basketball, tag-rugby, handball, tennis and much more! Children will learn and practice different techniques throughout the session which will help them develop their fundamental skills.  

Therefore, going forward, the Monday session will be Multi Sport Club for Year 1, the Tuesday session will be Multi Sport Club for Year 2 and the Thursday session will be Multi Sport Club for Kindergarten. Parents will need to sign their child up for the club if they wish their child to attend, Mrs Crocker will not be carrying over any pupils that attended the previous clubs as each year group is assigned a different day. Please be aware that spaces are limited and will be on a first come first served basis. Please get in touch with Mrs Crocker if you need any help or have any questions.  

As Time Travellers Club will be finihsing at the end of spring term, we are excited to introduce another fantastic club called The Inventors Club, which will start in the summer term.  Below and attached to the newsletter email is more information about the exciting activities the children will take part in. Sign up for this will be available from this evening on the SOCS portal and is available to children who are Year 2 and above.

As we are nearing half term, Mrs Crocker would like to remind anyone wishing to make any changes or cancellations to clubs are required to give a half term’s notice (Deadline is February 16th 2024).  Anything outside of that will be chargeable.  Please contact Mrs Crocker on admin@broomfieldhouse.com if you have any queries.      



We are sure that you are aware, that there is a current spike in measles in the UK, with a number of cases confirmed in London. We have been asked to advise all parents that the MMR/Polio team are running a series of clinics in our boroughs to vaccinate all school age children who are missing one, or both doses of the MMR vaccine. The information for these clinics can be found on the  HRCH Children’s Immunisations webpage.

Year 2

On Thursday 7 March, Year 2 will have their scooter training which is offered to all children in Year 2. This is something that is provided by the Local Authority and will teach the children some valuable pavement and road safety skills on their scooters. All training takes place on the school premises in the playground. Each class is divided into groups which will help facilitate the sharing of scooters should any child not have one to ensure that every child is able to take part and have fun – including those that do not normally scoot. Certificates are awarded to all children who complete the training with reminders of scooter safety tips for parents.
Please click on the link for the consent form for completion in order for your child to take part. If you are wiling for your child to share their scooter or helmet, please do let us know on the attached form. Scooter Training Consent Form

Year 4 - 6

The Broomfield Red team will take part in the ISA Football Tournament in Claire’s Court School on Wednesday 21st February. Parents in Years 4-6 will have been informed if their child has been selected to play. The children will travel by coach, leaving school at 10.50am and we anticipate they will return to school for the pick up at 4pm. They will need to be in their Games kit with their sports coat and a water bottle. The children will be provided a packed lunch.

Dukes Club - Half Term Tips

Top London theatre and shows for half term

Escape the weather this half term and get lost in the magic of live performance. Exclusive to the Dukes Club, Dandelion London have come up with a wonderful selection for all age groups

10 great places to visit this February half term

From skateboarding and music, to dinosaurs and Romans, there are masses of family-friendly exhibitions and fun events on offer in London this half term. Sophie Pender-Cudlip highlights some of the capital’s top places to visit with both younger and older children


PTA Senior Disco Years 3-6

The PTA would like to invite Year 3 to 6 to come and fill the dance floor at the Senior Disco on Thursday 7th March. The Year 3 and 4 disco will be from 5pm to 6.30pm, followed by Year 5 to Year 6 from 7pm to 8.30pm. Class reps will be reaching out after half term to confirm numbers and ask for a couple of parent helpers from each year group. If possible, please make the £7 payment in advance to your class rep. It will be possible to pay on the day via the SumUp machines, however there may be a queue! Light snacks will be provided (crisps, biscuits, popcorn and squash). Drop off and pick up will be via Princes Road Gate. Let the good times roll!

PTA Quiz Night

Please sign up your team here: Quiz night Sign up sheet

Please pay £20 per person here.


Year 1 Lunar New Year Celebration

What an eventful day it was in Year 1 on Tuesday as we celebrated the Lunar New Year – The Year of the Dragon! Ella, Fleur, Henry Botrill, Kade, Matthew, Miya, Ollie, and Phoebe shared a delightful presentation with us on this special celebration. Followed by the beautiful music by Mrs. Wu and Ms. Su, we were incredibly fortunate to have Ms. Maggie Chan, a talented dancer from UK China Performing Arts, who not only performed but also taught us a graceful fan dance. The session concluded with a lively game of chopsticks organised by Mr. Yeung. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mrs. Wu for taking the initiative to organise such a splendid event, alongside Ms. Su, Ms. Quek, Mrs Lam, Mrs. Lau, Mrs. Sahe-Lachenate, and Ms. Ma.

Headmaster's Awards for Spring Term 1

The Headmaster’s Award is given to children in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Broomfield House School and for upholding the school values. Congratulations to the recipients of the spring term 1 awards: Matthew (PK), Natasha (K), Lily (Y1), Florence S (Y2), Aanya (Y3), Christiaan (Y4), Claudia (Y5) and Sam (Y6). The winners enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with Mr Anstey during today’s breaktime.

Year 6 Trip to Houses of Parliment

Year 6 children had a wonderful trip to the Houses of Parliament on Friday which included a surround sound film, a historical tour and a visit to The House of Commons where there was an active debate taking place. The class were also lucky enough to be let into the House of Lords and learnt much about the history of Parliament and the significance of the architecture and artefacts in the building. Many of the children were able to recognise statues of famous Prime Ministers and Kings and Queens that they have studied in their history lessons and were shown the plaques made in commemoration of Elizabeth II where she lay in state. They were delighted to find out that when the Great Hall was being refurbished, one of Henry VIII’s tennis balls fell out of the rafters where it had got stuck so many years ago during his reign!

PK Celebrating Lunar New Year

Pre-Kindergarten had a wonderful time learning about Lunar New Year and how the festival is celebrated in China. Mrs Sahe-Lacheante, Mrs Li, Mr Shi, Everly and Cathie prepared some wonderful activities and lovely treats! We listened to the traditional story of The Great Race and coloured in the animals from the story (designed by Mr Shi). We also crafted colourful lanterns and learnt how to make a dragon using playdough. Another highlight was exploring dragon puppets, making them move in different ways!

Year 2 Storytelling

Year 2 have blossomed into mini authors. Exploring the story “Katie in London,” they immersed themselves in the world of storytelling. The children put their unique spin on the narrative, crafting their own versions. They loved sharing their stories with friends and even captivated the younger PK children with their stories. PK thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories. Well done Year 2!

BHS Orchestra

Our school orchestra performed a lovely arrangement of ‘Yellow Bird’ in assembly this morning. We have also recently welcomed a new member, Grace (Y4) who plays violin. If anybody is interested in joining the orchestra after half term, please contact Miss Fourie or come and see me to discuss the options. It is open to children (Y4- Y6) learning to play orchestral instruments at Broomfield or anybody who has instrumental lessons outside school Miss Fourie’s email address:  ifourie@broomfieldhouse.com

Weekly Awards

Music Star of the Week
Bethan (Y6)
Artist of the Week
Florence S (Y2)
Drama Star of the Week
Margot (Y5)
Sports Star of the Week
Aanya (Y3)

Polite Person of the Week

Pre-Kindergarten: Georgia
Kindergarten: Luke

Year 1: Grace
Year 2: Sophie

Year 3: Millie
Year 4: Isla

Year 5: Zach
Year 6: Austin

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