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I have recently delved into Adam Grant’s book, “Hidden Talent,” authored by the organisational scientist renowned for his expertise in motivation, rethinking assumptions, and fostering generous and creative lives. Through a series of real-life case studies and examples, Grant underscores the notion that everyone possesses the potential for greatness.

At Broomfield, we firmly believe that every child has the capacity to achieve greatness, a sentiment that extends to all of us, regardless of age. Defining greatness or success is a deeply personal matter, varying from one person to another. Therefore, instead of delving into the complexities of these concepts, our focus lies on instilling a growth mindset in children. This involves nurturing their confidence and self-esteem to embrace the mindset of ‘I can do it.’

As a leader in education, working at Broomfield is an absolute privilege. Here, we witness the embodiment of this philosophy daily, as children continually impress us with their intrinsic motivation to learn and adapt, even when faced with initial challenges. Often the most daunting aspect of learning something new, lies in taking the first step. Just this morning, I had a discussion with some Year 4 children regarding this very notion. We deliberated on the idea that sometimes, the best course of action is simply to begin, fully expecting challenges initially, with the assurance that it will get easier with effort and perseverance.

This principle was exemplified beautifully during our assembly this morning, where two outstanding Year 4 girls delivered a speech in Korean before the entire school. Last week, during Headmasters Club, these girls approached me with their Korean phrase books. Displaying remarkable initiative, they had independently sought out Mrs. Hyun, asking her to teach them one Korean phrase per week, which they diligently recorded in their books and practised together. Speaking a foreign language for the first time is undoubtedly challenging, yet these girls persisted and quickly gained enough confidence to address the entire school. Their exceptional demonstration of linguistic prowess served as an inspiration for other children to explore their own interests and embark on independent learning journeys.

The concept of a growth mindset, is nothing new, and was introduced initially by psychologist Carol Dweck in 2006, where she highlighted the significant influence our beliefs about our abilities have on our achievements. In essence, if we believe we can succeed and invest the necessary effort, our abilities can develop over time through dedication and hard work.

A recent example of this was observed during this year’s London Marathon. Anya Culling, who ran her first marathon in 2020 with a time of 4.5 hours, transformed from a novice to an elite competitor, achieving a remarkable time of 2.4 hours. In an interview, she described her initial marathon experience as painful. However, just a few years later, with the right mindset, she was running at an elite pace. Importantly, she attributed her success not only to achieving balance and enjoyment throughout the journey but also to focusing on the process rather than solely on the end result.

At Broomfield, we incorporate this concept by consistently praising effort over mere outcomes. We emphasise to our children that failure is not indicative of inability but rather an opportunity for learning and growth. This mindset encourages them to adopt new problem-solving approaches, seek assistance when needed, and value feedback – all essential for personal, academic, and lifelong development. Rather than simply stating “You are so smart,” we commend creativity and effort, for example, “You found an excellent way to solve that problem.” I believe that we all have hidden potential that we are yet to discover. Although we may not all learn how to speak Korean, or find the speed to run a marathon in 2.44hours, as we approach the bank holiday weekend, let’s give ourselves (and the children) a pre-emptive past on the back, for all the successes to come as a result of determination and hard work and a positive ‘can-do’ mindset.

All the best for the weekend.

Mr Anstey

and Notices

Whole School


We are currently preparing the school magazine and would like to ensure that all music exam results for Broomfield House children are included in it. Could you please complete this form if your child has passed a music exam in the last year. Please let us know the instrument, the grade and the result. Thank you.



A reminder that our Senior and Lower Concerts will take place next Thursday and the following Tuesday. The Senior School Serenade will include children from Years 4-6 and will take place on Thursday 9th May from 6pm – 7:15pm. The Lower School Serenade will include Years 1-3 and will take place on Tuesday 14th May from 5:45pm – 7:15pm. Children should be in the main music room at 5:30pm (wearing school uniform please) where they can leave their school bags and instrument cases. Children performing in the concert will be provided with a small snack at this time before the start of the concert. 

As the programme will be finalised next week, it is especially important for parents of children who have lessons outside Broomfield, to let Miss Fourie know, via email, the instrument, the name of the piece and the composer their child would like to perform. Please provide this as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Children are responsible for their own instruments and sheet music. If you wish for your child not to take part or if you have any questions, please email: ifourie@broomfieldhouse.com 



Year 6


We are looking forward to our annual bikeability week which takes place from Monday 13th to Friday 17th May. Please bring your child’s bike to school on the morning of Monday 13th May at 8:15am via the Broomfield Road gate (main reception) and leave it in the volleyball court beside the Year 4 classroom. The bikes will be securely stored overnight at school each night and should be taken home at the end of school on Friday. Children should wear their sports kit and bring a water bottle with them as well as their helmets. High-vis vests will be given to the children for their training. If your child does not have a bike or helmet to use, please contact Mrs Doyle at the school office: office@broomfieldhouse.com 

Year 5


Mr Kennedy will be taking a group of Year 5 children to the Hampton Maths Wizard Competition on Wednesday 8th May. You will have been notified if your child has been selected for this competition. All children attending should come to school in their full uniform including blazer and hat. The children will depart at 8:30am and will return in time for a lovely lunch at school.  



Thank you to everyone who has completed the required medical form and returned it to the school office. If you are still to complete this, please do so as soon as possible. 


Year 3


A reminder that the Richmond Safe Walking Scheme for Year 3 children will be taking place next week on 7th, 8th and 9th May 2024. Training will take place on roads around the school and will be carried out by a team of trained instructors from the Road Safety Team, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The children should wear their sports kits and sun cream should be applied before coming to school. Hi-Vis jackets will be provided.

Dukes Plus

Striving for a smartphone-free childhood
Dr Amanda Gummer
Music and movement
Mary Price O’Connor
Quick tips to help your child shine at school
Lucinda Miller


Meeting Minutes

Thank you to all parents who attended the last PTA meeting. Please see the meeting minutes attached here: BHS 2024 Summer Term Meeting.


Anzac Day

On Thursday 25th April, Hamish had the honour of giving a reading at the cenotaph in London.  Anzac day is a day of remembrance which marks the Gallipoli landings in 1915, as well as commemorating all Australians and New Zealanders who have served and died in military operations. Hamish shared his experience with us in assembly on Wednesday and we watched a video of him giving his reading. He read it beautifully and we are very proud of him.

New Stay and Play Sessions

We are excited to launch our new stay and play events for children aged 18 months – 3 years old.

Our Early Years team will prepare a range of indoor and outdoor activities including arts and crafts, water play, mud kitchen, sand play and a reading corner.

There is no charge for these sessions but spaces are limited. All local families are welcome! Feel free to share this with neighbours, local friends and family via Instagram or by sharing this link with them.


The mosaics are ready to be put up in the school playground. We are particularly proud that every child in the school contributed to this wonderful project! Thank you to our amazing PTA for funding the mosaic workshop.

Music Exams

Congratulations to our Year 5 children, Charlotte and Sienna who recently took their piano exams. Charlotte achieved a distinction in her Grade 3 piano exam. She worked really hard and achieved a perfect score on one of her pieces. While Sienna passed her Grade 2 piano exam with distinction. We are very proud of both girls and congratulate them on their fantastic achievements.

Class General Knowledge Winners

Last week, Years 1 – 5 took part in the General Knowledge Quiz in their classrooms. Each class awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Well done to everyone for taking part and especially to our winners:

Year 5: 1st: Claudia, 2nd: Anika, 3rd: Victor.

Year 4: 1st: Evie, 2nd: Simran, 3rd: Hamish.

Year 3: 1st: Alana, 2nd: Melody, 3rd: Ayan.

Year 2: 1st place: Oliver, 2nd place: Florence, 3rd place: Luke.

Year 1: 1st; Dheeya, 2nd: Avni, 3rd; Phoebe

Korean Lessons at Break

Two of our Year 4 children, Maya and Evie, approached Mrs Hyun to to ask if she would help them learn some Korean during break times. Mrs Hyun was delighted to help.  She has been helping the children build their vocubalary every day and the girls each have their own notebook where they write all of the Korean words they learn. They spoke in Korean in today’s assembly and they were fantastic. We are delighted to see such enthuasiam for foreign languages in school. A big thank you to Mrs Hyun for taking the time to teach the girls.

Art Highlight

Year 1 created designs featuring flowers in vases. They outlined their flower drawings with black oil pastels and filled them in with coloured ink. The children studied composition and flower shapes while also practising colour mixing.

Weekly Awards

Drama Star of the Week
Henry D (Year 1)
Artist of the Week
Enna (Year 1)
Sports Star of the Week
Teoman (Year 5)
Music Star of the Week
James (Year 6)
Pre-Kindergarten: Diego
Kindergarten: Ali

Year 1: Ilyas
Year 2: Cora

Year 3: Henry
Year 4: Evie

Year 5: Martin
Year 6: Bethan

Upcoming Events

Monday 6th May

Bank Holiday – School Closed

Tuesday 7th May

1:30 – 3:30pm: Year 3 Safe Walking 

Wednesday 8th May

Y6 Spelling Bee in Assembly  

8:30 – 1pm: Hampton Maths Wizard Competition (Group of Y5 children) 

10am – 12:30pm: PK to Kew Gardens  

1:30 – 3:30pm: Year 3 Safe Walking 

Thursday 9th May

1:30 – 3:30pm: Year 3 Safe Walking 

6 – 7:15pm: Senior Summer Serenade (Y4 – 6) 

Friday 10th May

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Monday 13th May

9am: Y6 Bikeability Starts (ALL WEEK) 

Tuesday 14th May

1pm: Kindergarten to Holly Lodge 

5:45pm – 7:15pm: Lower School Summer Serenade (Years 1 – 3) 

Wednesday 15th May

Y5 to Kingswood 

Thursday 16th May

Y4 Trip to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios Tour 

Friday 17th May

9am – 10am: Stay and Play in PK 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Playground Snapshots