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We are among the top 15 independent prep schools in the UK

Early this week we had the pleasure of receiving some heartening news that has truly humbled us. Broomfield has been recognised in the Spear’s School Index as one of the top 15 prep schools in the UK and amongst the top 100 independent schools globally. The Spear’s Index is renowned as the authoritative guide to the world’s leading private schools, and to be included is a real honour.

Spears summarise us using the following: ‘Broomfield House School offers a nurturing and supportive environment where children are encouraged to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Established in 1876 Broomfield is the oldest private school in Kew but despite its history reflected in the Victoria buildings, the school is forward-thinking, successfully mixing modern with the traditional.’

In the world of accolades and recognition, it is well known that in any industry, institutions including schools, might pursue awards through financial contributions. This essentially means that a school will agree to pay a fee in return for award consideration which they can then use for their own external marketing. However, at Broomfield, we actively avoid such practices, believing that genuine recognition should be earned through the quality of education and the values we uphold, not through financial transactions. The Spear’s Index however, stands out for its rigorous, independent research that does not involved any financial dealings with external evaluations completed by a panel of global educational experts. This includes a deep dive into our academic achievements, wellbeing initiatives, entrepreneurial mindset and evidence of positive change over time, along with conversations with parents, all of which contribute to a happy and successful prep school experience for the children.
Being a small, family-oriented school, it is very humbling to be listed among some of the world’s most prestigious schools. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort of our entire community, a point of pride for all of us which our excellent pupil voice and support parents’ body being fundamental cornerstones.

Spears details that the right prep school can spark a lifelong love of learning and provide a solid foundation for a child’s future. The Spear’s Index recognises the fact that Broomfield offers a balanced education, emphasising academic excellence, character development, and social responsibility. This recognition is affirmation of a school’s dedication to providing a nurturing and enriching educational experience.

Our approach to education focuses on making small improvements in every aspect of school life. We believe these incremental steps can lead to significant positive changes over time. This philosophy helps us to remain forward-looking and maintain high standards. We see it as our privilege to educate your children, always ensuring we adapt to meet the needs of the children, rather than an expectation that the children need to adapt to us.

As we celebrate this recognition, it is reminder of the journey we are on together at Broomfield. It is a moment to pause and appreciate everyone’s hard work, but it’s also a gentle nudge to keep doing what we do best. Listening to each other, staying open to learning, and always looking forward with optimism are the traits make us special. This accolade is a lovely pat on the back, but it’s the daily smiles, the curiosity in our classrooms, and the small steps forward that truly matter. Let us keep nurturing this wonderful community, staying humble, and cherishing every moment of growth and discovery together.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Mr Anstey



and Notices

Whole School


As mentioned in an email this week, Cookery Club timings have changed. The club will now take place from 3:30 – 4:30pm. This change effects both the Monday and Thursday Cookery Club. If you have any questions in relation to this, please contact Mrs Crocker on admin@broomfieldhouse.com 



The highly anticipated annual Mead House Raffle and Cake Sale will take place on the bottom patch on Friday 8th March. (The rafflle takes place during Fridays Assembly). We are looking forward to lots of delicious cakes and treats. Please remember to send children in on Monday with £1 to buy raffle tickets. Mead families are asked to donate raffle prizes to Miss De Silva please and bake cakes for the sale which will be held in the playground at 3:30pm. Parents must accompany children buying cakes to confirm any allergies. Kindly remember we are a nut free school when preparing your delicious treats. The charity event raises much needed funds for the Mead House charity – The Pioneer School in India. 

PK and K


On Friday 1st March, the PK children are in for a treat! The children are having their very own Teddy Bears Picnic, where they will decorate the tables, sing songs, and learn how to make sandwiches. Children can invite a bear from home to our picnic and bring them in on the day to join us.  



Kindergarten are looking forward to welcoming the amazing Forest School for their next forest school session with Scott on Friday 1st March from 9:45 – 11:45am. They will continue their outdoor learning, exploring the natural environment, crafts and finishing the session with snack and songs around the campfire. We cannot wait for all the excitement. 

Years 3 - 6


Some parents may remember Ms Soria that used to work at Broomfield in Early Years. She is now working as a Spanish teacher at a primary school in Wembley. Last year children from her school exchanged letters in Spanish with children from our school. The children were delighted to receive their letters and put lots of effort into writing their replies. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will again have the opportunity to participate in this initiative. Only their first names and year group will be shared with Ms Soria, and the letters will be posted directly to the school. 



The ISA Football Tournament which was due to take place on Wednesday 21st February will now take place on Wednesday 28th February. Parents in Years 4-6 will have been informed if their child has been selected to play for the Broomfield Red team.  The children will travel by coach, leaving school at 10.50am and we anticipate they will return to school for the pickup at 4pm.  They will need to be in their Games kit with their sports coat and a water bottle.  All children will be provided with a packed lunch. 



Our Broomfield Red teams will be taking part in the Dukes Cross Country Events next week. Parents in Years 3-6 will have been informed if their child has been selected to play for the Broomfield Red team.  The children will travel by coach, leaving school at 12.30pm and we anticipate they will return to school for the pickup at 4pm.  Year 5 and 6 athletes will run on Tuesday 27th February and Year 3 and 4 athletes will run on Thursday 29th February. They will need to be in their Games kit with their sports coat and a water bottle.  All children will have lunch before they depart. 



Year 5 are looking forward to their trip to The Globe Theatre on Monday 4th March. The children will be taking part in workshops to support their English unit on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this will be followed by a guided tour in the wooden ‘O’ theatre. They will leave school at 9am and will return at approximately 3pm. The children will be provided with a packed lunch and should wear their full uniform and bring a small rucksack to carry their packed lunch and their own personal water bottles. 



Year 6 will be travelling to the Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court on Monday 4th March to take part in a mock trial, present evidence and gain an understanding of the way in which a Magistrates’ Courts work. They will leave school at 9:15am and will return at approximately 12pm. The children will be provided with a snack but they should make sure to bring a water bottle with them. They should also wear their full school uniform for the trip. Because we will be back by lunchtime, the children can bring in their normal school bags for the day. 



The members of the Year 5 and 6 Dance Club are excited to perform at the Chatham Theatre for the Great Big Dance Off Dance Competition which will take place on Tuesday 5th March. The children will leave on a coach from school at 11am and are expected back at school at approximately 7pm. The children will be provided with snacks and a packed lunch. They should wear their school uniform and bring a small rucksack for their packed lunch and water bottle. 

Dukes Club


Neurodiversity series with Sarah Warley – Dyslexia 29/02/2024https://thedukesclub.com/Events/Club-Events/Event/id/202

Neurodiversity series with Sarah Warley – ADHD 21/03/2024https://thedukesclub.com/Events/Club-Events/Event/id/203

Neurodiversity series with Sarah Warley – Dyspraxia 25/04/2023https://thedukesclub.com/Events/Club-Events/Event/id/204


Quiz Night
Calling all general knowledge geniuses, TV quiz show addicts, Trivial Pursuiters and Wordle wonders. Do you fancy taking on the teachers and fellow parents for a night filled with fun, facts and friends? Then the PTA Quiz night is for you! You can either enter as a class team via your reps – or sign up individually to join a team on the night.
Questions will be pitched at our wonderful international parent community (no local knowledge required!) with every team playing not only for pride, but for the inaugural PTA Quiz Cup! Please sign up your team here: Quiz night Sign up sheet Please pay £20 per person here.

Classlist App

Most years use the Classlist App as a way of communicating weekly class updates, events and birthday party invites. (The use of this App frees up the WhatsApp group for more general discussions.)
If your year doesn’t use Classlist please check it out at https://help.classlist.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765145-What-is-Classlist
The PTA would like to encourage the use of Classlist ‘Listings’ (except for uniform as we sell preloved uniform via the PTA). This is where you can buy, sell and swap items, report lost and found, post wanted ads and much more!
Listings work like a virtual noticeboard. Some ideas include footballs boots, old toys, sports clothes, bikes, etc. You can choose to giveaway, swap or sell your items; if selling you may also choose to donate the profits to your PTA.

PTA Meeting 4th March

The PTA meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 4th, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for a prompt 7:00 pm start. Please enter through the Prince Road gate. The main agenda will include planning for the upcoming Summer Fair. We look forward to your attendance and valuable contributions.


Discovery Morning for PK 25

Today, we welcomed current and prospective families to a wonderful event – our Discovery Day for Pre-Kindergarten 2025 entry. The highlight of the morning was the school tours led by some of the Year 6 children, who demonstrated remarkable communication skills and enthusiasm. They conveyed a genuine sense of pride in being part of the Broomfield family. We couldn’t be more proud of them!

Art Highlight

Year 5 learnt about the works of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and designed houses inspired by his distinctive style. Engaging with abstract shapes, the children skilfully considered colour contrasts, adding depth and vibrancy to their artwork.

Weekly Awards

Drama Star of the Week
Adil (Y4)
Music Star of the Week
Camila (Y3)
Sports Star of the Week
Kobe (Y5)
Artist of the Week
Claudia (Y5)

Polite Person Award

Pre-Kindergarten: Leila
Kindergarten: Yieun

Year 1: Henry B
Year 2: Sophie

Year 3: Ismayil
Year 4: Cyrah

Year 5: Charlotte B
Year 6: Hugo

Upcoming Events

Monday 26th Feb

Assessment Week 

Tuesday 27th Feb

12:30 – 4pm: Dukes Cross Country (Year 5&6)  

Wednesday 28th Feb

10:50am – 4pm: ISA Football Tournament 

Thursday 29th Feb

12:30 – 4pm: Dukes Cross Country (Year 3&4)  

7 – 9pm: PTA Brush Party  

Friday 1st Mar

9:45 – 11:45am: Kindergarten – Forest School Session in School 

10am: PK Teddy Bear Picnic 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Monday 4th Mar

Recovery Week 

9am – 3pm: Y5 to Globe Theatre 

9:15am – 12pm: Y6 to Magistrates Court 

6:30 – 8pm: PTA Meeting – All Welcome 

Tuesday 5th Mar

11am – 7pm: Y4,5,6 Dance Competition Chatham 

Wednesday 6th Mar

9:30am: Y2 visit to Ceramics Cafe 

12:30pm – 4:30pm: Interhouse Swimming Gala 

Thursday 7th Mar

9:30am – 2:30pm: Year 1 to Odds Farm 

1:30 – 3pm: Y2 Scooter Training 

PTA Senior School Disco 

Friday 8th Mar

World Book Day 

Mead House Raffle at Assembly 

3:30pm: Mead House Cake Sale 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Playground Snapshots