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The Joy of Books

Spending some time around the school today was truly wonderful, engaging in some impromptu reading sessions with the children, particularly while dressed as a giant lion. The Pre-Kindergarten class was especially bemused when I walked in. Before long, as you can well imagine, I was swiftly overwhelmed by excited hands and the chasing of my lion’s tail. This experience not only adds an element of joy and excitement to the day (let us remember that prep school should be lot of fun!) but also reinforces the importance of reading in a creative and memorable manner to inspire a genuine love of reading in our children. We read “The Gruffalo” together, a book that I know is, or has been, a favourite for many.

Like many parents, I have taken great delight in sharing Julia Donaldson’s enchanting books with my daughter, Indigo. She selects her own bedtime story, with certain tales currently taking pole position as past adventures are temporarily set aside for the next. Although these stories have been brought to life through television animations, the undeniable charm of turning the pages of a physical book remains. The tactile experience of reading, feeling the paper between your fingers, and the anticipation of what the next page holds cannot be matched by digital means. I have always believed that this special connection with physical books fosters a deeper engagement with the story and its characters, making the reading experience all the more memorable. This is precisely why we have our school library; we want the children to have a space to read, to read together, in a space solely designed for reading. I always enjoy spending time sitting on the comfortable sofas with the children, listening to the books they are reading. The before-school care club that takes place in the library is a popular option for many families, and some quiet reading time is an excellent way to prepare for the learning to come.

In the context of our school’s commitment to literacy, highlighted by our adoption of the research-backed “Read, Write, Inc.” phonics and spelling schemes, it is also essential to recognise the role that parents play in this crucial educational journey. Regular reading at home, whether it is a beloved Julia Donaldson book or any other literature, fiction or non-fiction, complements the efforts made in school. It not only reinforces the learning outcomes but also strengthens the bond between parent and child through shared experiences and stories. I recently attended an excellent Dukes Club reading seminar led by an established phonics specialist and author who reminded me of the value of using a physical cookbook when baking at home (I am a below-average baker, if you were wondering). It is the simple act of reading from a book, and having your child see you do it, that can inspire them to do the same. I have since made a real effort to improve my baking and spend time with Indigo, reading the recipes together before, as per usual, completely ignoring them and making it up as I go along.

As research suggests, the benefits of reading to children from an early age are immense, encompassing cognitive development, language acquisition, and emotional intelligence. Reading physical books, in particular, can offer a more interactive and less distracting experience compared to digital alternatives, which can be beneficial for children’s attention and comprehension.

The school has felt truly alive today, with such an excellent array of costumes and literary characters from the world of books. I am very impressed and thank all of the parents who found the time to make their own costumes or to creatively search the internet for suitable fabrics. The children have had a marvellous day with the highlight being the Mead house cake sale still to come – the icing on the cake, as it were.

Delving into the world of books with the children is not just fun but also deeply meaningful, and World Book Day reminds us all of the boundless imagination that reading unlocks. As we approach the weekend, let this serve as a nudge to find a quiet moment to read, escape, and lose ourselves in a book. Whether it is revisiting a beloved classic, exploring a new adventure, or even following a recipe together, let us make reading a cherished part of family time.

As Walt Disney said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate loot on Treasure Island.”

All the best for the weekend.

Mr Anstey


and Notices

Whole School


Early Years reports will be available on Famly today, ready for the Early Years Parents Evenings next week on Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th March. The Years 1-5 reports will be issued on the Parent Portal on 15th March ready for the Year 1 – 5 Parents Evenings which will take place on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th March. Mrs Doyle will share the booking link for Years 1- 5 Parents on Monday 11th March. 



Road safety is fundamentally about fostering a culture of awareness, responsibility, and informed decision-making. It goes beyond understanding traffic rules; it encompasses the broader commitment to creating a safe environment for everyone. We also encourage a big push on walking, cycling, scooting and busing to school as well as responsible parking. Please ensure at drop off and collection times that you do not park in the school zone parking outside the Princes Road gate as this is used to safely get the children on/off buses for trips, games, swimming and other activities at all times of the day -thanks everyone for a collective effort to make our roads and children safer. 



In the summer term we will be introducing a running club which will be coached by Aspire to Greatness a company formed by Daley Thompson, double Olympic Champion and Kate Staples, GB pole vaulting champion and ex Gladiator.  Please have a look at their website www.aspiretogreatness.co.uk. This club is not just about training; it’s also about having lots of fun while working towards your running goals. Each session is priced at £14.00, offering you a valuable opportunity to train with a top athlete and her team in a supportive and motivating environment. There will be two sessions, one for Years 1 and 2 and a second one for the older children, Years 3-6.  For Years 1 and 2 there will be the Speedy Runners/Multi Skills Club on Friday mornings at 8am – 8:30am in the school. On Thursday after school we will have the Run Club for Years 3-6 from 3.30-4.30pm. This will be held at the Old Deer Park Sports Ground and collection will be from the sports ground at 4.30pm.  The charge for these clubs is £9 per session for the Speedy Runners and £15.30 for the Run Club.  

Please contact Mrs Crocker on admin@broomfieldhouse.com if you would like to sign up or you would like more information. 


Launch of Women’s History Month

In March we celebrate amazing women throughout history! Your challenge this month is to research a woman you find interesting in history, they could be a famous queen, scientist, explorer or innovator! They could also be someone from your own family? Has your great granny or aunt done something cool? Did they help in a World War? Maybe you have a connection to a spy, a suffragette or someone who paved the way for women in the work place? We want to hear about it! Ask your teacher or Mrs Wrigley-Smith for more information.

PK and K


Pre-Kindergarten are looking forward to welcoming the amazing Forest School for their next forest school session with Scott on Friday 15th March from 9:45 – 11:45am. They will continue their outdoor learning exploring the natural environment, crafts and finishing the session with snack and songs around the campfire. We cannot wait for all the excitement. 

Year 1


We are looking forward to welcoming our incredible duckling egg delivery. The eggs are nurtured and cared for by Year 1 pupils over a one-week period, where they see the ducklings hatch and take their first paddle before we say our goodbyes and they return to their farm in Kent. 

Years 3 - 6


A quick reminder to please bring in your costumes for the Spring Musicals on Monday 11th of March. The children have their dress rehearsal on Wednesday 13th of March and the performance is on Thursday 14th of March at 6pm. The children should arrive on Thursday and 5.30pm, and parents arriving at 5.50pm. Year 3 and 4 parents are invited to join us for the performance on Thursday 14th March at 6-7:30pm in the school hall, doors open at 5.50pm.  



Year 3 are looking forward to their trip to The Natural History Museum on Monday 11th March.  They will leave school at 8.45 am and will return at approximately 2 pm. The children will be provided with a packed lunch and should wear their full uniform and bring a small rucksack to carry their packed lunch, their own personal water bottles. 



The ISA Netball National Finals are taking place on Wednesday 13th March in Kings High School in Warwick. Parents in Years 5 and 6 will have been informed if their child has been selected to play for the Broomfield Red team.  The children will travel by coach, leaving school at 7:45am and we anticipate they will return to school at 6:30pm.  They will need to be in their Games kit with their sports coat and a water bottle.  All children will be provided with snacks and a packed lunch. Parents are welcome to spectate, if you intend to travel, please contact the office for the venue location. If you are attending and bringing your child home from the venue please let the office know. Mrs Hughes will set up a WhatsApp group on the school phone to contact all parents in relation to updates on the arrival time back at the school. Should you wish to not be included in this WhatsApp group please contact the school office. 



The Broomfield Red teams for netball and football will be travelling to Kings House School on Friday 15th March for a Dukes Tournament. The children will depart at 9:45am and will return to school for 1:30pm. Parents will have been informed if their child has been selected to play for the Broomfield Red team.  All children should come to school in their Games kit and bring their football boots (for football) and a water bottle and small rucksack to carry their packed lunch and snack which will be provided by Chef. Parents are welcome to spectate, and the games begin at 10:30am. 



As part of their preparation for secondary school, the Year 6 class will visit Holly Lodge in Richmond Park to attend a Junior Citizen Day. The trip will take place on Monday 11th March from 1pm to 3:30pm. 



Year 6 will be travelling to Spain on Sunday 17th March. There is a road closure scheduled for the M25 between junctions 10 and 11 that day which may affect the departure time. We have spoken to the bus company and at present they do not anticipate any delays for our journey, however they will update us regarding any changes. At present we have asked the children to be at Broomfield for 6am but we will let you know if an earlier start is required. We will return on Thursday 21st March at approximately 7.30-8pm, we will use the WhatsApp group to give a better idea of time once we leave Gatwick. The children should bring some snacks and a packed lunch for the trip along with their water bottles (No food should contain nuts/traces of nuts). They should also wear their own clothes for the bus journey. A WhatsApp group will be set up to keep parents updated with times, information, updates and pictures. Please bring your child’s passport to the office along with spending money in euros on Monday 11th March. 


BHS Easter Camp

BHS Easter Camp

We are very excited to be running our wonderful Easter School between Monday 25th March and Thursday 28th March and all children from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 are welcome to join us. It will be run by Miss Bendall and Mr Pache, supported by helpers from within our school community.

This is the last opportunity to sign up for our Easter Camp. Sign up here >>

PTA News


Please see the new date for the Quiz Night below:

Please sign up your team here: Quiz night Sign up sheet
Please pay £20 per person here.


PTA Meeting Minutes

BHS's 1st Brush Party: A Night of Creativity and Connection

Last Thursday, BHS’s PTA hosted our first-ever brush party, and it was a hit! The event gave us a chance to unwind, get creative, and connect with other parents in a relaxed setting. Guided by our talented instructor, even those of us who doubted our artistic abilities were pleasantly surprised as we painted our own Southern France scenes. Each brushstroke added depth and character to our masterpieces, and it was truly satisfying to see our canvases come to life.

And what’s a brush party without a drink in hand? From fruity teas to glasses of fizz, we enjoyed our favourite beverages as we painted and socialised.

As we admired our finished paintings, there was a sense of pride in the room. BHS’s first brush party was a success, offering a perfect mix of relaxation, creativity, and socialising. We’re already looking forward to the next opportunity to express our inner artists!

A big thank you to the organisers (PTA Core team, Helen Hartley, Eloise Isaac, Emma Bickerstaffe for making this experience possible, and to the school for their support. Here’s to more art-filled adventures in the future!

PTA Senior School Disco

The Senior School Disco was a resounding success, transforming our school hall into a vibrant dance floor pulsating with energy and excitement. The beats echoed through the evening as the children showcased their dance moves and enjoyed a memorable evening together. The thoughtful organisation by the PTA made the event truly special – a heartfelt thank you goes out to the dedicated parents who organised the event.

PTA Birthday Book Initiative

Thank you to the children who contributed books to the library through the PTA birthday book initiative. If you’re interested in making a book donation but could use some suggestions, please reach out to Mrs. Evans at aevans@broomfieldhouse.com.


World Book Day

The air was filled with literary excitement this morning as children and staff dressed up as book characters to celebrate World Book Day. The creativity in costumes and the passion for sharing favourite stories truly made this day magical.

A series of engaging activities and reading sessions captivated the children, reinforcing the joy of reading. World Book Day not only celebrates the written word but also highlights the importance of cultivating a lifelong love for reading, nurturing a community of avid readers and storytellers.

Broomfield House Inter-House Gala Sees Rose House Triumph

Broomfield House’s annual Inter-House Swimming Gala took place on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, with all the school’s swimmers putting on a magnificent display of talent and sportsmanship.

The competition was fierce, with every swimmer putting their best stroke forward in a bid to contribute points to their respective house. The gala witnessed a flurry of nail-biting finishes, showcasing the dedication and hard work put in by the swimmers throughout the year.

Ultimately, Rose House emerged victorious, claiming the top spot with a score of 431 points. Mead House followed closely behind with 377 points, while Palmer House secured third place with 309 points.

While only one house could be crowned champion, the true spirit of the event was evident in the camaraderie and support displayed by all participants. The Broomfield House Inter-House Gala was a resounding success, celebrating the achievements of all swimmers and fostering a sense of school spirit. Congratulations to all the participants and especially to Rose House for their well-deserved win!

Broomfield debating team reach national final

Our Year 5 debating team recently took part in the semi-finals of the Cicero Debating Competition. For the first time we found ourselves in an online debate rather than face-to-face, which was unusual and challenging. We debated against Bancroft School on whether the privacy of celebrities should be protected. The outcome of what was a very hard-fought contest was that we successfully got through to the national final of the competition which will be in the City of London in the near future. Congratulations to all six members of our debating squad!

Dukes Cross Country Races Shine Despite Wet and Muddy Conditions

The Dukes Cross Country races were held on February 27th and 29th 2024, with both Year 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 taking part in relay races.

A huge congratulations goes out to the Year 3 Girls’ team for securing the gold medal! Their accomplishment is even more impressive considering the challenging course conditions – a wet and muddy track that demanded both teamwork and determination from all the young runners.

Overall, it was a fantastic day for Dukes Cross Country, showcasing the hard work and dedication of all the participants. Despite the mud, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie shone through. Well done to all the runners!

Charlotte Y. (Y6) writes “On Tuesday the 27th February, Broomfield Y5 and Y6 competed in a cross country relay and Y3 and Y4 also competed on Thursday 29th February. Everybody ran exceptionally and tried their best. It was tough conditions and lots of mud but the teams pushed through. We would like to thank all the teachers who took time out of their day to take us. However, I think Years 5 and 6 can agree, the best part was seeing Simon Cowell.”

Year 3 & 4 Mixed Media Paintings

Year 3 and 4 created mixed media paintings (oil pastels and gouache) for their spring term plays. Year 4 designed the outfits for the rat and cat characters. Year 3 worked on ‘Medusa’ shield designs. The focus of the lessons in both year groups was on developing painting skills and engaging with pattern and design.

Globe Theatre

On Monday, Year 5 had an incredible time at the world-renowned Globe Theatre, where they immersed themselves in the legendary playwright William Shakespeare’s world and his timeless masterpiece Hamlet through an in-depth guided tour and interactive exhibits. After a delightful lunch by the river, they visited the prestigious Tate Modern art gallery and explored various artworks. The children actively engaged in discussions about the pieces of art, focusing on those that reflected their personality, stimulated their senses, and raised questions. Their enthusiasm and confidence while engaging with the art were a delight to see.

Scooter Training

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed scooter training on Thursday afternoon as they learnt how to safely ride their scooter on the streets and what to look out for. They learnt how to use their emergency stop, brakes on their scooter, controlling their balance on their scooter by weaving in and out of the cones.

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Pre-Kindergarten had so much fun at their Teddy Bears’ picnic this morning, as part of our learning on traditional tales and bears! They have been busy all week making their own plates and bear ears ready, and even invited a bear friend from home to join us for the morning. They learnt how to make a jam sandwich and enjoyed special teddy bear biscuits too!

Year 6 Trip to the Magistrates' Court

On Monday 4th March, the Year 6 children travelled to Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court (a working court handling criminal matters and single justice procedures).  The children learned about the severity of having a criminal record and experienced the court process with a role play.  At the end, the children were asked to think about whether they thought the defendant was innocent or guilty – an insight into the challenging decisions the magistrates are faced with on a daily basis. We were lucky to be allowed to visit the cells before we left although it wasn’t somewhere we wanted to stay for long!

Odds Farm

Year 1 enjoyed a fun-filled day, hand feeding some rare breeds of goats and sheep, stroking beloved bunnies and feeding hungry pigs in the barn! Children also watched Posey the Jersey cow being milked.

Weekly Awards

Artist of the Week
Isla (Y4)
Artists of the Week
BHS Parents - PTA Brush Party
Drama Star of the Week
Yawar (Y3)
Sports Star of the Week
Vera (Y3)
Music Star of the Week
Avni (Y1)

Upcoming Events

Monday 11th Mar

Incredible Eggs Delivery to Year 1 

8:45am: Y3 to Natural History Museum 

1pm – 3:30pm: Y6 to Junior Citizen Holly Lodge 

4 – 7pm: PK and K Parents Evening 1 

Tuesday 12th Mar
Wednesday 13th Mar

7:45am – 6:30pm: ISA National Netball Finals 

9am: Dress Rehearsal for Years 3 and 4 

4 – 7pm: PK and K Parents Evening 2 

Thursday 14th Mar

6 – 7:30pm: Y3 and Y4 Spring Musicals – Princes Road Gate opens at 5:50pm for parents

Friday 15th Mar

Y1-5 Reports Published to Parents 

9:45am – 1:30pm: Dukes Netball and Football – Red Team (Kings House) 

9:45 – 11:45am: Forest School in BHS to visit PK 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Saturday 16th Mar

 9:30am – 5:30pm: Stagecoach

Sunday 17th Mar

6am: Year 6 Trip to Spain – meet at school (time may change)

9:30am – 5:30pm: Trinity 

Monday 18th Mar

12pm – 1:30pm: Pee Wee Grading 

4 – 7pm: Year 1 – 5 Parents Evening 1 

Tuesday 19th Mar
Wednesday 20th Mar

4 – 7pm: Year 1 – 5 Parents Evening 2 

Thursday 21st Mar
Friday 22nd Mar

PTA Easter Egg Hunt

Last Day of Term – School finishes at 12pm (no lunch)

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Saturday 23rd Mar
Sunday 24th Mar

Playground Snapshots