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Earlier this week, I found myself glancing at a work email during bath time, much to the annoyance of my endlessly patient partner, Sally. She was in the midst of trying to single handily dry Indigo with a towel with one hand, and gently taking away the bubble bath, all the while singing the “Gingerbread Man” song. Understandably, I quickly lost the debate as I attempted to justify my reasons for checking my phone during such a pivotal moment in our bedtime routine.

In the whirlwind pace of family life, my Google phone provides me with round-the-clock access to school life, serving as a powerful tool to remain connected and consequently, available at all hours. This week, for instance, I made the ill-advised decision to read a message at 2 a.m. Many of us have been there, resulting in a night of poor sleep quality as our minds whirl, trying to process the new information. Having observed my own phone habits evolve, I have seen first hand how these super sleek devices continue to shape our days. They allow less important aspects of the digital world to encroach upon previously analogue moments where it is crucial to unplug and be present. It is fascinating to note that we now spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes daily with our noses buried in our screens. I remain astonished yet empathetic towards our train culture, where 99% of travellers are engrossed in their phones, thumbs flicking away at speed.

My own capacity to absorb new content from social media is limited, leading me to actively avoid platforms that aggressively target users with hyper-personalised content, such as TikTok. From what I gather, much of TikTok is filled with various individuals, celebrities or otherwise, engaging in synchronised dancing for others to emulate. Given my decidedly below-average dancing skills (or so I am told), I steer clear of the platform.

Taking a closer look at the UK, where the digital dance has quickened its pace, the time spent on smartphones has elegantly leapt in duration, with the average user checking their device for 3 hours and 15 minutes on daily basis in 2024. This uptick is a testament to how these devices have become interwoven into the very fabric of our lives, giving the impression that the world spins faster each day. Information overload is not a new phenomenon, I am sure the library of Alexander when it first opening back in 285BC had the same impact. Yet with the sheer volume of content now at our fingertips, it is likely we are bombarded with more trivial information than ever before.

Since my bath time revelation, I have been pondering the concept of ‘microchecking’ and those brief glances at our phone screens to check a notification that, more often than not, spiral into a 15-minute diversion through emails, social media, or the latest news. It is a habit, one that feels as reflexive as blinking. At times, I find myself reaching for my phone just to ensure it is close by, almost like a loyal companion. My Labrador, by comparison, seems unimpressed; surely, his role is to be my most faithful friend, he would never begrudge me a phone check during his bath time.

What I have noticed is that these fleeting moments can accumulate, quietly nibbling away at my time. It is akin to finding crumbs in your pocket, a subtle reminder of a snack you do not recall eating. If these interactions do not enrich our lives, why do we engage in them?

I have tallied these ‘microcheck’ moments and realised they amount to a staggering sum of time over a year. It is a wake-up call, recognising that the time spent in these digital interludes could be woven into something more fulfilling, more tangible. Imagine the books that could be read, the languages that could be learnt, or the sunsets that could be savoured – all in the time we often spend tethered to our screens.

This is not to say that smartphones are the villains in our lives. They connect us, inform us, and entertain us. Yet, there is a certain allure in reallocating some of that screen time to moments that make our hearts sing a bit louder. Perhaps I need to strive harder for balance, to be more acutely aware of my ‘microchecking’ moments, focusing less on habit and more on choice.

The fact remains that, regardless of how aggressive the marketing of new technology might be, we all have a choice. I read a wonderful LinkedIn post this week (case and point!) about a café in Holland where phone use is unheard of. The customers there engage in knitting, writing, drawing, debating, and enjoying pure, non-digital, human interaction, free from the interruption of notifications.

As we navigate the digital currents, it is worth contemplating how we can make our screen time more meaningful. As adults, it is essential that we set a precedent for our children to follow. If we spend the majority of our time, while with them on our devices, we should not be surprised when they ask to use it themselves or eventually ask for their own. This debate, of course, is for another edition of Thoughts from the Study.

All the best for the weekend.

Mr Anstey


and Notices

Whole School


The highly anticipated annual Mead House Raffle will take place in assembly and the Cake Sale will take place on the bottom patch on Friday 8th March. We are looking forward to lots of delicious cakes and treats. Please remember to send children in on Monday with £1 to buy raffle tickets. Mead families are asked to donate raffle prizes to Miss De Silva on Monday 4th March and bake cakes for the sale which will be held in the playground on Friday 8th March at 3:30pm. 

Parents must accompany children buying cakes to confirm any allergies. Kindly remember we are a nut free school when preparing your delicious treats. The charity event raises much needed funds for the Mead House charity – The Pioneer School in India. 

Miss De Silva, Head of Mead House was in touch with Mr Cashdan from the Pioneer School, who explained the school is hoping to buy a reconditioned second-hand computer with the money Broomfield will be raising next week, as there are only 1-2 computers for the whole school. He thanked Broomfield for their amazing support and the huge difference our donations make to their school. 



We will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 8th of March. Children are welcome to come to school dressed as their favourite book characters for the day. 



The Broomfield Inter-House Swimming Gala will be held at Teddington Swimming Pool on Wednesday 6th March at 1.30pm. Children from Years 4 – 6 will be swimming in one or more events. We recommend parking in local neighbouring roads as the car park is very small, leaving enough time for a short walk to the pool. Please send your child to school in their games kit with their swimsuits, goggles and a towel. Strictly no parents are allowed in the changing rooms at any time. Parents and all spectators will watch from the balcony.  Please remember that the spectator gallery spaces are limited to one spectator per child. 

The Gala is expected to finish by 3:15pm, where Mr Anstey will present the winning House Captain with the Inter-House Swimming Gala trophy. Your children will be ready for collection no later than 3:30pm; they will be dismissed by their class teachers from the reception area into the outside area. If you cannot collect your child from the pool, we will bring them back to school for dismissal. Please let the school office know if you child will be returning to school with the staff. Please do not stand in the reception area waiting for your child; this is a request from the Teddington pool management, therefore, please wait outside. We look forward to seeing you there. 



Early Years reports will be available on Famly next Friday 8th March, ready for the Early Years Parents Evenings on Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th March. Mrs Doyle will share a link on Monday 4th March so parents can book a time slot with the teachers. The Years 1-5 reports will be issued on the Parent Portal on 15th March ready for the Year 1 – 5 Parents Evenings which take place on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th March. Mrs Doyle will share the booking link for Years 1- 5 Parents on Monday 11th March. 



If you are planning for your child not to return to Broomfield in September, please remember to give written notice to Mr Anstey. It is really helpful to know if places are opening up so we can offer them to new families. The earlier you can let us know, the better. Please note that, under our Terms and Conditions, parents are required to give a full term’s notice or are liable to pay Fees in Lieu of Notice for the autumn term. 



Road safety is fundamentally about fostering a culture of awareness, responsibility, and informed decision-making. It goes beyond understanding traffic rules; it encompasses the broader commitment to creating a safe environment for everyone. We also encourage a big push on walking, cycling, scooting and busing to school as well as responsible parking. Please ensure at drop off and collection times that you do not park in the school zone parking outside the Princes Road gate as this is used to safely get the children on/off buses for trips, games, swimming and other activities at all times of the day -thanks everyone for a collective effort to make our roads and children safer. 


Years 1 - 2


Year 1 will be visiting Odds Farm Park on Thursday, 7th March. Children should come in their PE kit, including their PE coat. They should bring a backpack (big enough to fit their packed lunch) and a bottle of water. If it’s a rainy day, children should wear their wellies. We will leave school around 9:15 am and return for the normal 3:30 pm pick up. 



We are looking forward to welcoming our incredible duckling egg delivery. The eggs are nurtured and cared for by Year 1 pupils over a one-week period, where they see the ducklings hatch and take their first paddle before we say our goodbyes and they return to their farm in Kent. 



Year 2 are looking forward to getting creative at the Ceramics Cafe on Wednesday 6th March. The children will partake in a ceramics workshop where they will explore colours, textures and celebrate the end of assessments. We can’t wait to see their masterpieces. They will leave school at 9:30am and return at 12pm and will have their lunch at school as usual. 



Thank you to everyone for their response to the Year 2 Scooter Training on Thursday 7 March, Year 2. The children should wear their PE kit to school for the entire day. All training takes place on the school premises in the playground.  Each class is divided into groups which will help facilitate the sharing of scooters should any child not have one, to ensure that every child is able to take part and have fun – including those that do not normally scoot.  Certificates are awarded to all children who complete the training with reminders of scooter safety tips for parents.  Please remember to send your child to school with their scooter and helmet for the training. 

Years 3 - 6


Mrs Brown and Miss Fourie have been putting the children through their paces in preparation for the Spring Musicals. An email has been sent to parents about timings and costumes etc and we would like to thank parents for their support. Year 3 and 4 parents are invited to join us for the performance on Thursday 14th March at 6-7:30pm in the school hall, doors open at 5.50pm.  



The PTA are hosting two discos on Thursday 7th March. Years 3 and 4 will strut their stuff between 5pm and 6.30pm, and then Years 5 and 6 will take to the dance floor between 7pm and 8.30pm. The cost is £7 and if you have not yet paid you will be able to pay by cash or card on the day. Light refreshments will be provided on the night however please make sure your child has dinner at home. Please drop/pick up your children at the Princes Road Gate promptly at the times above and the PTA team will welcome the children there. The office closes at 5.30pm and the main gate will be closed. If your child is in Year 3 or 4 and has a club on Thursday afternoon, they can stay at school, have food provided by school and then attend the disco at 5pm.  



Year 5 are looking forward to their trip to The Globe Theatre on Monday 4th March.  They will leave school at 9am and will return at approximately 3pm. The children will be provided with a packed lunch and should wear their full uniform and bring a small rucksack to carry their packed lunch and their own personal water bottles. 



The members of the Year 5 and 6 Dance Club are excited to perform at the Chatham Theatre for the Great Big Dance Off Dance Competition which will take place on Tuesday 5th March. The children will leave on a coach from school at 11am and are expected back at school at approximately 7pm. The children will be provided with snacks and a packed lunch. They should wear their school uniform and bring a small rucksack for their packed lunch and water bottles. 



Year 6 will be travelling to the Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court on Monday 4th March to take part in mock trials, present evidence and gain an understanding of the way in which Magistrates’ Courts work. They will leave school at 9:30am and will return at approximately 11:30am. The children will be provided with a snack but they should make sure to bring a water bottle with them. They should also wear their full school uniform for the trip. Because we will be back by lunchtime, the children can bring in their normal school bags for the day. 



Congratulations to the Year 6 children on their secondary school offers!  Please ensure that you accept your first choice offer by the required deadline.  We would be very grateful if you would email Mrs Ketel as soon as you have made your final decision to confirm. 



As part of their preparation for secondary school, the Year 6 class visited Holly Lodge in Richmond Park to 

attend a Junior Citizen Day. The trip will take place on Monday 11th March from 1pm to 3:30pm. The children worked in groups to learn top safety tips first hand from emergency service workers, including the Police and the Fire Brigade, TFL and Volunteer Maritime Services as well as council officers. The afternoon presented a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn how to deal with different types of dangers, as well as get to know their local police officers and firefighters. 

Dukes Club

Striving for a smartphone-free childhood

The campaign for a smartphone-free childhood has truly captured the public’s attention in the last few weeks. Dr Gummer, research psychologist and founder of the Good Play Guide, on children’s use of screens and social media

Top 10 spring exhibitions

The team at Dandelion London has been out previewing exhibitions across the capital. Here they give their top 10 for a cultural family outing this spring, suitable from younger children to teens

PTA News

PTA Meeting on Monday 4th March

The PTA meeting is next Monday, March 4th, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start. Please enter through the Prince Road gate. The main agenda includes planning for the upcoming Summer Fair please see below the meeting agenda. We look forward to your attendance and valuable contributions.

PTA Agenda


Art Highlight

PK children created striking tiger portraits and K children painted beautiful tigers. Both classes explored patterns and textures, practising their brush control skills simultaneously.

Weekly Awards

Drama Star of the Week
Alice (Y4)
Artist of the Week
Cathie (PK)
Sports Star of the Week
Lara (Y6)
Music Star of the Week
Rita (Y3)
Music Star of the Week
Ayan (Y3)

Polite Person Award

Pre-Kindergarten: Georgina
Kindergarten: Max

Year 1: Henry D
Year 2: Polina

Year 3: Aanya
Year 4: Julian

Year 5: Gusti
Year 6: Faraaz

Upcoming Events

Monday 4th Mar

Recovery Week 

9am: Y5 to Globe Theatre 

9:30am: Y6 to Magistrates Court 

6:30 – 8pm: PTA Meeting 

Tuesday 5th Mar

11am – 7pm: Y5 and 6 Dance Competition Chatham 

Wednesday 6th Mar

9:30am: Y2 visit to Ceramics Cafe 

12:30pm – 4:30pm: Interhouse Swimming Gala 

Thursday 7th Mar

9:30am – 2:30pm: Year 1 to Odds Farm 

1:30 – 3pm: Scooter Training for Y2 

5 – 8:30pm: PTA Senior School Disco

Friday 8th Mar

World Book Day – Dress Up 

EY Reports Published to Parents 

Mead House Raffle at Assembly 

3:30pm: Mead House Cake Sale 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Monday 11th Mar

Incredible Eggs Delivery to Year 1 

9am: Y3 to Natural History Museum 

1pm – 3:30pm: Y6 to Junior Citizen Holly Lodge 

4 – 6:30pm: PK and K Parents Evening 1

Tuesday 12th Mar
Wednesday 13th Mar

Dress Rehearsal for Years 3 and 4 

ISA National Netball Finals 

4 – 6:30pm: PK and K Parents Evening 2

Thursday 14th Mar

6 – 7pm: Y3 and Y4 Spring Musicals 

Friday 15th Mar

Y1-5 Reports Published to Parents 

9:45am – 2pm: Dukes Netball and Football – Red Team (Kings House) 

9:45 – 11:45am: Forest School in BHS to visit PK 

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

Playground Snapshots