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It has been wonderful to welcome the children back this week after the Easter break. I think I have one of the best jobs in the world and although I spend a great deal of time around the school during the holiday periods, it is never the same without the positive energy and superb character that the children bring – it is great to have them all back.

For some time, I have used the Hintsa model as a tool for self-reflection. This model is encapsulated in what is referred to as the ‘Circle of Better Life’. The outer circle comprises six elements that form the foundation of health and wellbeing: physical activity, nutrition, sleep and recovery, biomechanics, mental energy, and general health. The prevailing notion is that if these areas are all in balance, then you have a firm grasp of your own holistic wellbeing.

The concept of balance, of course, is nothing new. The ancient Greeks believed that our health and emotions were influenced by four bodily fluids, referred to as the four humours. While modern science has thankfully moved beyond this theory, the underlying message about the importance of balance in our lives still resonates today. It is balance that is key to wellbeing, with success in all walks of life being a by-product of placing greater emphasis on wellbeing above anything else.

It is essential that we teach this concept in prep schools, as it helps children learn the value of maintaining equilibrium in everything from their academic work to their social interactions, setting a strong foundation for a well-rounded character. Similarly, for us as adults, achieving balance in diet, work-life dynamics, and mental health, although not always easy, is crucial for holistic well-being.

In the world of long-distance running, the concept of ‘tapering’, reducing the volume and intensity of training before a big race, is well known and essential. This period of less rigorous exercise allows an athlete’s body to recover from the accumulated stress of training over time and to store energy for the main event. Similarly, at Broomfield, we structure our termly cycles to mirror this athletic rationale. We introduced a ‘revision week’, designed as a precursor to an ‘assessment week’, which is then followed by a ‘recovery week’, where children are encouraged to recharge, reflecting on their learning experiences and achievements. This cycle supports children in achieving their personal best across the entire curriculum without succumbing to fatigue or an overwhelming sense of pressure.

All schools must consider the importance of cognitive recovery, which is key to sustainable learning. I am often exasperated when I hear of the methods some schools use, thinking these will get the best from the children. After intense periods of cognitive exertion, children need time to recover. This recovery is not merely a break from learning new content but an essential phase where learning is consolidated, and mental resilience is built. During these times, children learn to process and retain information effectively, fostering a healthier, more productive approach to their own learning.

The danger of burnout is as real for children as it is for us all when a working environment does not consider both pace and expectations. Continuous pressure can lead to mental exhaustion, reducing overall productivity and enthusiasm for learning. It’s crucial, therefore, to embed periods within the school calendar for children to ‘just be’. These moments away from a structured academic agenda allow children to explore their passions, relax, and socialise, which are all vital for well-rounded development and personal growth. This downtime is not wasted time; rather, it’s a vital component to ensure that wellbeing is prioritised. We are all looking forward to our Arts Week next week, for example, a time when the timetable is much more flexible to give the whole school time to breathe and enjoy a whole school creative project.

The Swedish concept of Lagom, translating to ‘not too much, not too little, the right amount’, offers a valuable perspective on achieving balance. We can all learn from this methodology, both at home and in school, and when considering the pressures that we may sometimes, inadvertently put onto our own children. At Broomfield, we work to create an environment that promotes moderation and sustainability, encouraging the children to strive for excellence but not at the expense of their wellbeing.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the holistic development of our children. By incorporating principles such as tapering in sports, the philosophy of Lagom, and the importance of cognitive recovery, we offer a nurturing environment that prepares children not just for tests, but for the challenges of life where balance is key.

We are acutely aware of how to get this balance right at Broomfield. We will never be a ‘hot-house’ school and will always aim to balance personalised academic goals with sufficient recovery that ensures our children grow into resilient, capable, and confident individuals.

A final anecdote I am often reminded of is how life has an interesting way of naturally finding balance. I am often amazed, for example, by how much pure, uncontrolled energy my toddler has. She happily runs everywhere, only stopping to let me catch up briefly before going again, a perfect example of youthful vigour balanced by necessary rest. We make a good team; she brings the energy and I compensate for us both by catching my breathe.

Wishing you all the best for a balanced weekend.

Mr Anstey

and Notices

Whole School


We are looking forward to a Mosaic Workshop, an Arts Fund event, in the coming week. April Wilson, a local artist and illustrator, who trained as a sculptor at Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork studio, is going to work with the children on this exciting project. Each child has already contributed a small clay element. During the workshop the children will assemble the different elements together with mosaic tiles. we are looking forward to seeing the final mosaic on display later in the term! Thank you to Mrs Frey for organising and running this wonderful event.



Please take the time to read the below important information about clubs. Should you wish to receive more information about them or sign up or amend your current club, please email Mrs Crocker on admin@broomfieldhouse.com to sign up.   


Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 

We have an exciting opportunity for all pupils in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 to join a new Mandarin club.  The new interactive Mandarin club will focus on familiarising children with Mandarin through a combination of lessons, songs and activities to help them build both confidence and interest in learning a new language. The lessons are tailored to their capabilities and use specially designed, customised materials to cover the fundamentals at the beginner/non-Mandarin speaker level, with an emphasis on pronunciation, reading & writing when moving to the next stages. The class will take place on a Tuesday after school from 3.30 to 4.30.  



“Join Years 3-6 Broomfield House Run Club led by the renowned Kate Staples, former Gladiator and British record holder! Kate and her expert team are dedicated to helping you improve your running skills through specialised running drills, conditioning exercises, speed training, and endurance building.  This club is not just about training; it’s also about having lots of fun whilst working towards your running goals.   

Each session offers you a valuable opportunity to train with a top athlete and her team in a supportive and motivating environmentDon’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enhance your running abilities and make new friends” Running club is £15.30 a session (10 sessions £153) and is held at Old Deer Park. Thursdays, 3.30pm to 4.30pm Children will be dismissed from Old Deer Park sports ground at 4:30pm. 



With Summer Term approaching we are thrilled to introduce a brand new after school club, Forestry School for Years 4 – 6. Join us on Thursdays after school from 3.30pm – 5.00pm for a holistic approach to building outdoor skills whilst deepening our understanding of the natural world. Whilst using our amazing outdoor space at Broomfield we will be exploring the diverse plants and trees that occupy our beautiful home in Kew Gardens and dedicate time to learning about pressing environmental issues like Climate Change. The club will have a focus on delivering hands on experiences like willow weaving, basket making, and floral design alongside outdoor survival strategies like navigation, map making and knot work. We will also include resources to support the children building skills in holistic meditation and mindfulness. Miss. Travis will lead the club, who is specialises in willow weaving, woodworking and outdoor learning experiences.

Year 4

Senior School Talk with Year 4 Parents  

Mr Anstey and Mrs Ketel are looking forward to welcoming you to Broomfield on Tuesday April 23rd for an important talk on Senior Schools and the 11+ process. The talk will take place in the Year 6 classroom at 6pm and should be finished by 6:30pm. Please come into school via the Broomfield Road gate.



Kindergarten are looking forward to welcoming the amazing Forest School for their next forest school session with Scott on Friday April 26th from 9:45 – 11:45am. They will continue their outdoor learning exploring the natural environment, crafts and finishing the session with snack and songs around the campfire. We cannot wait for all the excitement. 

Dukes Plus

11+ Mock Exam Support

Dukes Club

Neurodiversity series with Sarah Warley – Thursday 25th April
NEW: Gallery Tours
We’re delighted to invite you to private gallery tours, presented by Candida Cave, Principal of Fine Arts College. 
Gallery Tours – all at 4pm

9th May –  Wallace Collection: Hertford House, Manchester Square, W1U 3BN

16th May – Dulwich Picture Gallery: Gallery Road, SE21 7AD

23rd May – Kenwood House Gallery: Hampstead Lane, NW3 7JR

Any payment for tickets will be made on the day, at the galleries. To book your place, please email violet.comrie@hampsteadfinearts.com.

Candida trained at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and studied History of Art with the University of Buckingham. She founded Fine Arts College with a colleague in 1978 and has been Principal ever since then. Candida is also a practising painter & playwright. Her plays have been performed at the Royal Academy, British Museum, Tate Britain, the National Portrait Gallery, London theatres, and for the British Councils in Florence, Bologna & Rome.


Trivia Quiz Night

BHS Mum Drinks

Preloved Uniform Sale

BHS Park Run

Register for free >> 

All adults attending (whether running or not): Please pay £5 to BHS PTA via: https://tinyurl.com/bhsparkrun


Welcome back!

A warm welcome to our new joiners and welcome back to all our families! We are thrilled to have the children back at school and are ready for a fun and exciting Summer Term. This term promises to be filled with enriching experiences, engaging lessons, and memorable moments for our whole school community. We have much to look forward to from Sports Day, Kew Fete, Senior Play to our popular PTA Summer Fair (and much more!).


Primary Maths Challenge Annual Awards

Six of our Year 6 children have won awards from the Maths Association for their success in the second – Bonus – round of the annual international Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC). Top level recognition was awarded to six of our pupils – Austin, Ava, Rohan, Tara, James and Leila – who successfully competed in the prestigious and demanding second round of the PMC. The challenge, in which over 70,000 pupils compete, aims at making pupils “think outside the box,” which dovetails perfectly with the core philosophy behind Broomfield maths. 

Let us introduce you to our new chef

We are delighted to introduce you to our new chef Nay Yhap who has impressed us with her application. She has demonstrated strong initiative and has extensive experience in kitchen management, including roles as Chef Manager at Westminster Under School (Chartwells) and Head Chef. Her career path clearly shows her commitment to excellence, earning recognition such as being a runner-up for the 2019 City Kids magazine Best School Menu award. Welcome to the Broomfield team Nay Yhap!

Art Highlight

Year 2 created a letter-eating monster using a combination of oil pastel work and newspaper collage.

Cultural Celebrations

At the end of last term we had an action-packed Wednesday assembly. We started with some of our children telling us about the Muslim Holy month, Ramadan. They told us how and why Muslims fast and how they come together as families and communities to break fast after sunset each evening. They explained that it is a time for appreciating what we have and for helping those who don’t have enough. Thank you to Adil, Ismayil, Ayden, Hilda, Yawar and Aisha who spoke and presented brilliantly. Ramadan Mubarak!
In the second part of our assembly, some of the Year 3 children spoke about how they celebrate the festival of Nowruz. Melody, Ayan and Ismayil wore their traditional dress and shared how their families celebrate Nowruz, which marks the spring equinox and the start of spring. They also explained the significance of the haft-seen table, which symbolises bringing in good luck for the new year ahead. Thank you to Miss Sangtabi and Mrs Allinson for their inciteful contributions too. Nowruz Mubarak to all families who are celebrating!

Weekly Awards

Drama Star of the Week
Alana (Y3)
Artist of the Week
Luke (Y2)
Sports Star of the Week
Aanya (Y3)
Music Star of the Week
Lily (Y1)

Polite Person of the Week

Pre-Kindergarten: Alara
Kindergarten: Elena

Year 1: Jayden
Year 2: Edith

Year 3: Rita
Year 4: Lizzie

Year 5: Emma
Year 6: Ava

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Monday 22nd Apr


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6pm: Senior School Talk to Year 4 Parents

Wednesday 24th Apr


Thursday 25th Apr



Friday 26th Apr


9:45am: Forest School visit Kindergarten

3:30pm: Stagecoach

Monday 29th Apr

3:40 – 4:30pm: Spanish Information Evening for Year 5 parents

6:45pm: PTA Meeting – School Dining Hall

Tuesday 30th Apr
Wednesday 1st May
Thursday 2nd May
Friday 3rd May

9:45am: Forest School visit Pre-Kindergarten

3:30pm – 8pm: Stagecoach 

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