Making a splash!

Posted: 16th September 2022

This week Year 4 had fun ‘messing about in boats’, as Ratty may have said to his friend, Mole, in Wind in the Willows.

The class took to the water at Wimbledon Watersports, learning about teamwork and the essentials of water safety. They were lucky that the sun shone for them and the lake was sparkling for their special day out. They began in two-person Kiwi canoes, using their weight to find balance on the ever-moving surface. They had a great time developing their ability to paddle in harmony and then learning to move up and down their vessel while keeping it steady. They progressed onto Canadian canoes, which hold four people, and are far less stable, so the children had to work hard together as a team to control their boats.

Needless to say, the day ended with a customary splash as the class leapt into the water from their boats, hoping that their sea legs would get them back on board. They returned to school damp, happy and rather tired after a fabulous first school trip of the new academic year.

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