Music, Drama & Art

Another area where the school excels is the Arts (Art, Music and Drama). We have dedicated, highly experienced teachers who are specialists in these fields and this significantly enhances the children’s development in all three subjects.


The art room is a very different space to that of other classrooms. paints, canvases, sketchbooks and aprons fill the benches when our pupils work freely in expressing their ideas and thoughts in a creative way. Individuality is encouraged, as is self-expression with all pupils given the tools and expertise to complete a range of wonderful projects.

In their Art lessons, the children learn how to use, with increasing flair and precision, different styles and techniques to create their own drawings, paintings and sculptures, inspired by some of the finest works of great artists. Pupils learn Art History as well as technique, composition and use of colour.

We regularly take place in independent school Art competitions, and have enjoyed being commended both regionally and nationally.


Music at Broomfield is at the very centre of school life. Our children’s Music education is characterised by a growing appreciation and understanding of a wide range of music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians. From Early Years onwards, the children develop their sense of rhythm, volume and pitch through music and movement. Older children learn how to sing in harmony as well as read, write and perform their own music. Extra-curricular activities include opportunities to perform in our Chamber Choir, Orchestra and in school concerts. Many of our children also have private music lessons with our peripatetic music teachers during the school day when they learn to play one or more instruments, including the clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, piano, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, and violin.  A number of our children go on to achieve some of the highest grades in their music exams as well as secure prestigious music scholarships with top academic independent secondary schools.


The whole world is a stage, and all the men and women merely actors. They have their exits and their entrances and in a lifetime we will play many parts, our life separated into several acts. Treading the boards, creating a character, growing in confidence, gaining self-esteem and demonstrating theatrical wonder are all part of our drama curriculum. Our regular school productions give everyone the chance to take part with pupils playing essential parts on the stage, backstage or part of the school’s in-house technical team.

Weekly Drama lessons are very popular with our children. In these sessions, they learn how to express themselves with confidence; write and act out short sketches and perform in front of an audience in their annual year group play. Extra-curricular enrichment is provided in the form of Speech and Drama club, where children prepare for their English Speaking Board exams, and Dance club, where contemporary dancing and freedom of expression are key components of these highly engaging sessions.

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