Broomfield’s facilities are a mix of excellent modern buildings surrounding our original, traditional Victorian home. We are fortunate to have plenty of specialist and dedicated subject teaching spaces for Art, Music, Drama and Computing, alongside our classrooms and fully equipped hall/theatre/gymnasium.

We have generous areas of outside space with items of interest, fun and learning while the children are at play, helping to foster fellowship between pupils.

The school’s original building, Broomfield House, is one of the largest Victorian houses in Kew Village.  It now provides welcoming accommodation for our Years 4, 5 and 6 classes, our practical science room; the Green Room, study rooms for one-to-one and small group teaching, as well as our dedicated Computing studio, staff room and school office.  Years 2 and 3 classes are taught in the Broomfield House annex, a modern addition to the school’s buildings.

Across the playground is Harrow House where we perform our school plays, show films, give concerts, hold dance, fencing and karate clubs and PE lessons, as well as assemblies and other important events in the school’s life.  Through the vaulted glass atrium is our art room, music practice rooms for instrumental lessons, our dedicated music room, a well-stocked and modern library and our Early Years and Year 1 classrooms.

All our classrooms have interactive white boards, space for a class library, modern and traditional furniture and good natural daylight.  Our school dining room and kitchen were built to a beautiful and modern design, full of bright colours and natural wood tones, where our fresh, varied and popular lunches are cooked and served to all our full time children each day.

In our Computing studio we have moved onto a class set of iPads to replace the PCs and the children enjoy making their own short films and animations as well as using our green screen and coding resources to broaden their computer-based learning.  We have also built a dedicated 3D Studio and space for the Art Department’s kiln. Our school is investing in a modern, forward-thinking IT lab and STEM space later this academic year.

We have separate playgrounds for our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes and generously proportioned play areas for the Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, allowing for football and netball games as well as more contemplative spaces.  The children love to play on the traversing wall, while the playground is surfaced with colourful Easigrass, providing both a soft landing and a bright and vibrant environment.  With the support of the PTA we have installed a school pond for science lessons, two brilliant and popular tubular slides and cranes for constructive play.

The Early Years’ toilets were recently refurbished and are decorated with a beautiful tiled wall, laid with tiles produced by every child in school in an art workshop run by a local artist. The classrooms and outside areas will also be undergoing a transformation this summer to create an exciting and innovative space that allows more of a free-flowing learning environment.

Broomfield offers modern and up to date facilities for pupils and staff with plenty of space and a sense not only of our Victorian heritage, but a strong vision for the future.