Early Years

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

In Broomfield we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  We aim to teach the children through fun activities and play, although much of our teaching is a little more focussed than you would find in many nurseries and reception classes.  There are lots of opportunities for creativity and you will find lots of lovely arts and crafts coming home to decorate your walls.  As well as an emphasis on the start of reading, writing and maths, we work with the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and build core body strength.

We share your child’s learning adventures with you through regular posts on our Tapestry system, showing you, through photographs, audio and video clips, how they are growing in confidence and skill.

Helping you support your children

We recognise that you, as parents, want to support your children with their learning at home and so we send home a weekly briefing, summarising the key aspects of the teaching and learning delivered that week and letting you know what we will cover in the week to come.  As well as asking you to regularly read with, or to, your children we may ask you to do some other activities with them to support their learning.  For example, we may suggest a few games of I Spy when learning new sounds, or to bake a cake together when we are teaching weights and measures.

We run annual maths and reading workshops for you, as parents, to familiarise you with the teaching approach and methods we use in the Early Years.  We give you tips and strategies for supporting your little ones at home so that we offer a consistent message to them between school and home.

School Trips

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children enjoy a range of trips and visits out, including to Little Street and Kidzania, local theatres, making pizza at Pizza Express, Battersea Zoo and, of course, the wonderful Kew Gardens.