International Families

We chose Broomfield House School for our 3 children because it was a priority for us to fully integrate into the culture of the community during our time in London. Broomfield was a natural choice given the high standards of academics as well as providing broader exposure to the arts and sports.  The school understood that our children would have a different academic background and catered to their needs by providing individualised support that acclimatised them to the standards of Broomfield.  Our most pleasant surprise was the families that embraced us and will forever be lifelong friends. The school fosters a strong sense of community with many social events, school activities, and a well-established and thriving PTA.


Since the 1880s, Broomfield has been welcoming pupils from all over the world. As a school, we have a great deal of experience in helping families who are either coming to the UK permanently, or on assignment for a number of years. We work hard to make the transition to Broomfield and the British private education system as smooth and easy as possible, and have a programme which we can tailor to every family. Not all our international pupils arrive speaking good English, and we have an established network in place to support these children. Most parents are astonished by the ease and speed with which their children adapt to speaking English fluently.

We normally ask international families to visit us in person before offering a place at the school. We would like to see reports from previous schools, and ask the children to do some academic work (an academic assessment for older children) to assess their educational level, and to advise on which areas we need to work together with parents to improve and develop.

We are also often able to introduce prospective new families to current or past Broomfield parents of the same nationality, who can advise on life at our school and in Kew. We also have close connections with the local estate agents (Real Estate agents) and can put you in contact with them if you wish. Once in London, invitations are often issued by established families for Thanksgiving, Diwali and ANZAC Day amongst a whole host of other cultural events and holidays.

We have no words to express how thankful we are to you, the teachers and all the school staff for everything you and your team have done for our children during these two years. Despite all the challenges they faced with the language and the higher standard of the curriculum, Bruna and Fabio always leave our house to go to school with a smile and that shows how much they appreciate the atmosphere created by everybody that works in Broomfield House. Broomfield House is really an amazing school!



Education in the UK is divided into primary, secondary, further and higher education. Statutory schooling ages are between 5 to 16 years. Children are legally required to start attending school at the start of the term after their fifth birthday, but most privately educated children start school in Pre-Kindergarten or Nursery at 3 years old.

Schools which charge fees in the UK can be called ‘independent’, ‘private’ or ‘public’. Broomfield is referred to as a “private school”. Primary education begins when children are 4 to 7 years of age. Secondary education in the UK normally starts for most students at the age of 11 years old and generally refers to the years of formal education leading up to the legal school leaving age of 16.

The ages of UK children going into schools are calculated on their age at 1st September, as this is the start of the UK academic school year and runs through to 31st August in the following year. The school years are as follows:

  • Pre-Kindergarten (age 3 on the 1st September)
  • Kindergarten (age 4 on the 1st September)
  • Year 1 (age 5 on the 1st September)
  • Year 2 (age 6 on the 1st September)
  • Year 3 (age 7 on the 1st September)
  • Year 4 (age 8 on the 1st Sptember)
  • Year 5 (age 9 on the 1st September)
  • Year 6 (age 10 on the 1st September): 11+ exam taken during this year


Term dates for private schools are set by the individual school. There are three terms in a school year. Half way through each term there is a holiday of one week called half term. There are longer holidays at Christmas (around 3 weeks), Easter (around 4 weeks) and during the summer (around 8 weeks).

Broomfield runs holiday camps for our pupils for two weeks in the Easter Holidays and two weeks in the Summer holidays.

Further details of these camps can be found here