Fees 2020-2021

Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term and may be paid by direct bank transfer or by cheques made payable to Broomfield House School Ltd.  The school bank account details are on each term’s invoice.

Invoices will include the fees for tuition and lunch, swimming and games, as appropriate according to the age of the children.  It will also include any paid-for extra-curricular clubs (many clubs are provided free of charge) but some activities, such as individual music lessons and Technokids, are payable directly to the individuals/organisations concerned.  There are notice periods for withdrawal from extra-curricular activities, usually a half term for clubs and a full term for individual music lessons.

Early Years

Pre-Kindergarten (five mornings)£2463.00
Pre-Kindergarten plus one afternoon session (incl Lunch) per week£2963.00
Pre-Kindergarten plus two afternoon sessions (incl Lunch) per week£3463.00
Pre-Kindergarten plus two afternoon sessions (incl Lunch) per week£3963.00
Pre-Kindergarten plus four afternoon sessions (incl Lunch) per week£4463.00
Pre-Kindergarten plus five afternoon sessions (incl Lunch) per week£4963.00
Kindergarten (full day, including lunch)£4963.00

Years 1 to 6

Lunches (incl morning snacks & milk or water)£300.00
Games (Years 2 to 6)£166.00
Swimming (Years 1 to 6)£92.00


After School Club up to 16:45pm (single session)£16.00per session
After School Club up to 18:00pm (double session)£28.00per session
Before School Club from 08.00 to 08.30£6.00per session
Art, after school (Years 2 to 6)£199.0010 lessons
Art, lunch time (Year 1)£128.0010 lessons
Athletics£162.0010 lessons
Cookery£199.0010 lessons
Dance£99.0010 lessons
Drum£88.0010 lessons
Fencing£125.0010 lessons
Football£199.0010 lessons
Football, Junior£162.0010 lessons
Karate, Pee – Wee£136.0010 lessons incl Grading
Karate, Funakoshi£136.0010 lessons incl Grading
Netball£199.0010 lessons
Spanish£210.0010 lessons
Speech & Drama, Junior (Year 3)£88.0010 lessons
Speech & Drama, Senior (Years 4 to 6)£121.0010 lessons


Music Instrumental Lessons (30 minutes)£275.00Autumn term 12 lessons,
Spring & Summer terms 9 lessons