Fees 2023-2024

The fees for a child’s first term at Broomfield are payable by 1st March of their year of entry, or at the time of accepting the offer if after that date.  In respect of occasional places, the first term’s fees are payable on accepting the offer.  Once children are in school, fees are payable on or before the first day of each term and should be paid by direct bank transfer.  The school bank account details are on each term’s invoice.

Invoices will include the fees for tuition and will also include any paid-for extra-curricular clubs, although many clubs are provided free of charge.  A few activities, such as individual music lessons and Technokids, are payable directly to the individuals/organisations concerned.  There are notice periods for withdrawal from extra-curricular activities, usually a half term for clubs and a full term for individual music lessons.

Termly Fees 2023-2024
Year Group Fees
Pre-Kindergarten £2,940
Pre-Kindergarten  + 1 Afternoon £3,550
Pre-Kindergarten  + 2 Afternoons £4,160
Pre-Kindergarten  + 3 Afternoons £4,770
Pre-Kindergarten  + 4 Afternoons £5,380
Pre-Kindergarten  + 5 Afternoons £5,990
Kindergarten £5,990
Year 1 £5,990
Year 2 £5,990
Year 3 £5,990
Year 4 £5,990
Year 5 £5,990
Year 6 £5,990
Fees for Extra Curricular Activities – 2023-2024
After School Club (single session) £20 Per Session
After School Club (double session) £34 Per Session
After School Club Termly (single session) £176 Per Term
After School Club Termly (double session) £310 Per Term
After School Club Termly (Stagecoach) £79 Per Term
Before School Club (single session) £9 Per Session
Before School Club Termly £90 Per Term
Band A Clubs (30 minutes) £153 Per Term
Pee-Wee Karate
Speech & Drama (Y3)
Umbrella Homework
Band B Clubs (45 minutes) £190 Per Term
Junior Art (Y1)
Junior Football
Funakoshi Karate
Speech & Drama (Y4-6)
Band C Clubs (over 1 hour) £229 Per Term
Art (Y2-6)
Broomfield Tutors
Tutors with QTS £650 Per Term
Tutors without QTS £525 Per Term