Healthy Eating

The Broomfield Kitchen

Our Chef, Chef Tom as the children refer to him, cooks school lunches freshly every day and the children eat in our Dining Room.  We also provide a fruit and nutritious snacks at morning break to keep the children’s energy levels up until lunch.

We run a nut-free and egg-free kitchen and cater for children with allergies or intolerances, or those who do not eat certain foods for social or religious reasons.  If both main meal choices contain an allergen the Chef will ensure there is allergy-free alternative.

A sample menu is shown below but additionally we provide:

  • A fresh salad bar with crudities and a variety of more complex salads
  • A simple pasta with tomato sauce and jacket potatoes with a filling as an alternative to the main meal
  • Freshly prepared seasonal fruit pots

All our vegetarian food contains protein in the form of pulses, soya beans or cheese.

Our puddings are prepared using natural sugars in fruit and vegetables to reduce the sugar content.

Chef Tom often introduces a Food Adventurer Programme to encourage the children to try new things.  Recent examples include:

  • Humous: original, beetroot, carrot and pumpkin varieties
  • Courgettes: roasted, raw in salads and in soup
  • Asparagus: raw, grilled and in a tart
  • Dragonfruit: sliced and in puddings


Our Stay and Play events in the Summer Term are now sold out.

Please send us an email at if you would like to be notified about any upcoming events in the Autumn Term.