The beauty of young children’s joie de vivre is their openness to new experiences.  At Broomfield, we foster this by offering possibilities to help develop the interests, skills and activities which will enable them find things that bring joy, excitement and contentment: the building blocks to a happy and purposeful life.

Active participation in Art, Drama, Music and Sport, opportunities to use their voices to promote unity or call for action – who can guess the paths that young people may choose to take. We aim that our children should have plenty of chances to have fun, extend their social skills, develop empathy and ultimately act in ways that make the world a better place.

To support them in learning about themselves and what makes them tick we offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities, we create openings to engage in and support our local community, we encourage children to think of others through their charitable efforts, we partner with superb organisations such as Kew Gardens and ask our children to influence school life by taking on prefect and school officer roles and standing for election to our Pupil Council.  All these offer a multitude of ways for children to play their part and enrich their own lives through their actions.