Month: February 2020

Our little bundles of fluff

27th February 2020

Pancake, Pickles, Salah, Cuddly and Rose have all emerged from their eggs into the world of the Year 1 classroom.  As well as picking up some lessons in animal husbandry…

Our ducklings have arrived

25th February 2020

Yesterday our duck eggs arrived in Year 1 to much eggcitement!  What a great way to start off the new half term.  The class have not needed to be very…

Fire at St Paul’s Cathedral

6th February 2020

Year 2 had an exciting day out at St Paul’s Cathedral discovering how the Great Fire of London affected the building and the neighbouring area.  In their workshop the children…

Tableaux vivant in the National Gallery

3rd February 2020

Year 3 had a lovely day of art and drama at the National Gallery where they were looking for inspiration around tales from Ancient Greece ready for writing Greek myths…

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