Fire at St Paul’s Cathedral

Posted: 6th February 2020

Year 2 had an exciting day out at St Paul’s Cathedral discovering how the Great Fire of London affected the building and the neighbouring area.  In their workshop the children learned how the firefighters of the day put out fires using just heavy leather buckets of water.  There were opportunities to dress up as King Charles II, Sir Christopher Wren, Londoners and even Thomas Farriner, in whose bakery the Great Fire is believed to have started.  Mr Montague was brought in to play the role of the Cathedral’s spire which collapsed under the fire’s assault.  The spire of those days was twice as tall as the current one so a very tall actor was essential!  The class also had a great time exploring the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral including the Dome, the Golden Gallery and the many marble floors, graceful staircases, historical statues and colourful mosaics.

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