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Posted: 4th December 2023

Performing Arts and Political Insight

Being a Headmaster is truly one of the greatest jobs in the world. For the children, school is a home away from home, where they spend most of their time each week. As teachers, we have the absolute privilege of educating your children, supporting them in any way needed and making their experience fun and rewarding. As a small, family school, we know the children very well and collectively feel an immense amount of pride in all of them as they grow in confidence and character.
On Thursday morning, I could not have been prouder of the youngest year groups at school, as the school hall witnessed the annual special occasion of the Broomfield Nativity play and a series of performances for our Year 1 and 2 children. The children were superb, with all performances engaging and noteworthy. In all my time here, it was the highest number of parents we have ever managed to fit in the hall, with over 100 people in attendance. I very much appreciate this level of support from parents and see it as a highly positive sign that you all want to be in school to enjoy these events with us.

Reflecting on these performances, I am reminded of my own experience in the Nativity play. Cast as a sheep for two consecutive years, I vividly recall donning my fluffy costume and the gentle nudge from a teacher when I began to amble offstage during a scene.
Such opportunities for children to perform on stage and speak publicly are crucial. They provide a platform to overcome challenges, build confidence, and develop essential communication skills. These experiences, starting in the early years, are fundamental to our curriculum and play a vital role in the all-around development of the children as they move through the school.
This morning, I also had the privilege of welcoming our local Member of Parliament (MP), Ms Sarah Olney, at school, who graced our Friday assembly with an insightful talk about life as a politician. The children were provided a rare glimpse into the world of politics and enjoyed learning that if a political vote is tied, the age-old tradition of drawing straws is still used to decide the overall victor.

Ms Olney, with years of experience in public service, shared anecdotes and experiences, and provided a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and challenges faced by political leaders. We also spoke collectively to encourage the children to think about their roles in society and the impact they can have. Even the smallest act of kindness can have a far-reaching positive impact.
I also spent time with Ms Olney discussing current political policies, both local and national, with this exchange providing an opportunity for our school to be heard on matters directly affecting our community and for me to understand the broader political landscape in return.
Every week at Broomfield is genuinely extraordinary when I reflect on all that happens. It has been a pleasure to host parents in school to celebrate the artistic achievements of our youngest children, and also to gain valuable insights from one of our local political leaders. All of these experiences not only enrich our school’s learning environment but also contribute to the development of well rounded, informed, and confident children.

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