Month: November 2021

Flamboyant Flamenco

19th November 2021

The Hall was resounding with heel taps, claps and shouts of Olé on Thursday, as professional Flamenco artists Anita la Maltesa and Ramon Ruiz led exotic Spanish flavoured workshops across the…

Artist of the Week

17th November 2021

Our Artist of the week is Eva in Year 3 for her watercolour painting inspired by Marc Chagall.

Colourful Cats!

12th November 2021

Years 1 and 2 Art Clubs have been busy creating these exuberant felines, bringing colour and cheer to Broomfield.

Observing the 2 Minutes Silence

12th November 2021

Children, staff and parents came together in the playground around our cross to commemorate Remembrance Day and observe the two minutes silence.  Decorated with poppies from the Tower of London…

Making a splash!

8th November 2021

Nine pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 set off for Guildford on Friday 5th November to represent Broomfield in the regional finals of the ISA Swimming Gala.  Participating in…

Broomfield is full of light and colour

8th November 2021

We had a wonderful day on Thursday celebrating Diwali, Festival of Lights.  Ananya, Anushka, Ayan and Rohan led us on a journey around little known facts about Diwali in assembly,…