Flamboyant Flamenco

Posted: 19th November 2021

The Hall was resounding with heel taps, claps and shouts of Olé on Thursday, as professional Flamenco artists Anita la Maltesa and Ramon Ruiz led exotic Spanish flavoured workshops across the year groups.  We saw the essential elements of Flamenco: guitar, singing, clapping and dance through a dramatic performance of the art at its best.  The children got to strut their stuff after learning clapping techniques and flamenco arms which they got to demonstrate in a circle dance, each with a moment in the spotlight, taking turns to dance in the centre. Mrs Ali was delighted to see the children using their Spanish with confidence and displaying their newfound dance skills with flair.  Thank you to our wonderful PTA for supporting this colourful way to learn more about Spanish life and culture.

Categories: Academics