Month: March 2020

A Day at Battersea Zoo

31st March 2020

Lemurs and monkeys were the star attractions at Battersea Zoo when the Kindergarten class spent a happy day there as part of their topic on animals.  The learned a lot…

Spelling Bee: a close run thing

31st March 2020

Broomfield’s annual Spelling Bee saw children across the year groups focus on class-based spelling quizzes and we were delighted with how well everyone did, making their teachers very proud.  The…

Pied Piper spotted at Broomfield

31st March 2020

Grumpy Mr Brumhandel fights a losing battle to keep Hamelin clean as the people of the town refuse to take responsibility for their own mess, resulting in, guess what?  A…


31st March 2020

Year 3 took on the roles of Gods and Goddesses helping, and hindering, Jason and his brave Argonauts on their quest to win the Golden Fleece.  They faced many challenges,…

Working on fine motor skills

30th March 2020

Here is a lovely picture of one of our Pre-Kindergarten children keeping up with the development of her fine motor skills and having something beautiful to show for it.  Mrs…

Working from home

26th March 2020

While many parents have previously enjoyed the odd ‘working from home‘ day, we didn’t ever anticipate that this would be something our children would need to do!  We have had…

Courageous Year 6 take on new leadership responsibilities

23rd March 2020

Broomfield is excited to announce the student officer appointments, under which our Year 6 pupils bravely take on leadership responsibilities as they become the most senior class in school.  We…

Walking the corridors of power!

3rd March 2020

The Houses of Parliament hosted Year 6 this week and they had a terrific day out learning about how Britain works.  They enjoyed a workshop entitled People’s Parliament about the…

Five little ducks went swimming one day!

3rd March 2020

Year 1 were on tenterhooks this week as their five duckling friends were introduced to swimming.  There was no need to worry though, our intrepid fluff balls took to it….. …

Excellent in all areas: ISI Inspection Report

We are delighted to share the findings of the recent ISI Inspection which rated Broomfield excellent across all areas, both in the academic and other achievements of the pupils and in their personal development.

Here is the link to the report itself so you can read the inspectors’ wonderfully positive comments for yourself.