Working from home

Posted: 26th March 2020

While many parents have previously enjoyed the odd ‘working from home‘ day, we didn’t ever anticipate that this would be something our children would need to do!  We have had some lovely feedback from parents and children about how they have been managing their school day from the comfort of their own homes.  You will see from these photos that the whole gamut of school life is still taking place.  Here are a few of our children making sure that the routines of school life are not forgotten.

  1. Sitting cross-legged for assembly, is this when Mrs Byers’ message for the day is delivered?
  2. Peripatetic music, feeding the soul as well as the brain.
  3. Exercise with Joe Wicks instead of Mrs Carns.
  4. Working under the school banner, what a work of art!
  5. School work being done in my vest!  What would Mrs Byers say? She’s always so hot on school uniform.

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