Pancake Racing – What a hoot!

Posted: 4th March 2022

Year 1 And K Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday could have been a bit noisy for our neighbours as we gathered enthusiastically in the playground after lunch, for a pancake racing competition.  Kindergarten and Year 1 kicked off the event, with their pancake pans in hand.  Year 1 began strongly, managing to toss their pancakes while running as the rules required, but they soon realised that the canny Kindergarten crew could run much faster with no pancake flipping, and so this early rule was abandoned in favour of speed!  Years 2 and 3 started well until a few competitors began reaching the halfway point without taking the full turn round the end marker, it seemed not following the rules was becoming more prevalent!  Year 4 children took on the Year 5s with aplomb but the serious competition between Year 6 and the teacher’s team saw times cut tightly.  However, there was some evidence of certain teachers holding down their pancakes not just the pans, so disqualification was on the cards for them.

In the end we decided there had been so much bending of the rules that no winning team could be determined, but a lot of fun had been had and the teams were cheered on energetically.  The real bonus was that there was some very swift handover of pans to the following runners, which bodes very well for our relay races coming up at the annual Sports Day in June.  I think the rules will be applied much more rigorously at Sports Day when Mr Pache and not Mr Anstey will be in charge!

All in all it was a fun adventure and a great way to get some colour in our cheeks at the start of Lent.

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