Launch of Broomfield’s Remote Learning

Posted: 24th April 2020

What an eventful week it has been as we have launched into our remote learning programme.  All our teachers have worked so hard to learn the new technology and make it work for their own lessons.  We are rising to the challenge of working with our children in these unusual conditions.

We have welcomed feedback from families so that we can use their practical experiences to hone and develop the lessons we are providing through Google Classroom and Tapestry.  We are a learning community and want to improve our own understanding as well as that of our pupils.  Our live interactions, conducted through Google Meet and Zoom, have been a brilliant way to see each other and share experiences.

We have been delighted to receive some truly encouraging comments from our parents and here are just a few:


“We just wanted to let you know that you’ve done an amazing job, I am personally blown away by the way in which you’ve adapted to these learning changes.  I think the work set out by yourself is just right for (our child) and we are really enjoying working through the challenges together… Thank you and well done.  We are super impressed- super teacher!!  You’ll always be remembered in our house for helping the Kindergarten class through this strange learning experience.

Kindergarten Family


“I just wanted to let you know that (our daughter) and I are very impressed with the quality of the resources made by the teachers, it is very clear, exhaustive and interesting.   Very warm thank you for all of this work, (she) is very much enjoying working through the different subjects.”

Year 5 Parent


“Mr Montague is doing such a fabulous job with Year 2.  Firstly, the planning and organisation of the day is really clear and well thought through, which makes it so much easier for us parents who are juggling multiple priorities.  He has endless patience with the kids and demonstrates such kindness and a genuine fondness for them, making an effort to ensure that each and every one is included and that their contribution is valued. It is so important for them to have a teacher who is engaging and inspiring, especially when their energy levels and moods can sometimes drop, and they need their spirits lifted.  (My daughter) is loving the mix of different activities and is super motivated – there are some really creative and fun tasks in there which don’t feel at all like work for them.  I know all your staff are contributing to this wonderful program and they are all doing (Broomfield) proud.”

Year 2 Parent



Here are a couple of examples of what the children have been up to over our first week of the summer term.  There is a great dragon painting from Lara and an acrostic poem from Pancho in Year 1, an electric circuit put together by Harrison in Year 6, a portrait inspired by Guiseppe Archimoldo by Arjan in Year 5 while Charlie in Year 2 has built an amazing obstacle course in his garden – who needs Joe Wicks?  Finally, does Centurian Cassius remind you of anyone?  He was leading Year 3’s History lesson this week and looks like he should know something about it!


Dangerous creatures

Reptiles appearance

Angry noises

Gigantic wings

Oh my, they are big

Never friendly

Shoot fire

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