Parents v Pupils: Competition reigns!

Posted: 29th January 2020

On a wonderfully sunny but brisk afternoon our Year 6 parents donned their sports kit to take on their children on the football field and netball court.  We were delighted to see so many mums compete in the football matches, although netballing dads were in short supply!  There was a fantastic atmosphere as both sides were keen to win, with the parents not giving a quarter.  The girls led throughout the match but towards the end their parents were catching them up and, gaining confidence by this, they persuaded the girls to play on after the match.  This was a mistake as the girls’ success continued, culminating in a final 15:6 result.  The boys’ parents worked the field very effectively and, after some strong competitive play, they just had the edge over the boys.  With a final score of 10:9 you can see that the result was neck-and-neck and it was exciting to watch, as first one team then the other edged ahead.  A huge thank you to the many parents who came along for a truly great afternoon, full of skill, fun and sportsmanship.

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