Evolution and Adaptation

Posted: 4th October 2019

Year 4 should have enjoyed a science lesson at Kew Gardens on the topic Maths in the Great Outdoors.  But the Great Outdoors had other ideas as the heavens opened and their visit took place in torrential rain.  Fortunately the adaptable team at Kew reorganised the session so the class studied Evolution and Adaptation in the comfort of the glasshouses.  Thank you Kew!  As always the class had a lovely time and learned a lot about how plant life has adapted to its conditions over the centuries and even millenia.

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Excellent in all areas: ISI Inspection Report

We are delighted to share the findings of the recent ISI Inspection which rated Broomfield excellent across all areas, both in the academic and other achievements of the pupils and in their personal development.

Here is the link to the report itself so you can read the inspectors’ wonderfully positive comments for yourself.