Bethan, Year 3

6th November 2020

Mrs Bou arranges for us to meet authors and poets, I love to use my imagination too.

Alexis, Year 1

6th November 2020

My dad’s a dentist and comes to school to talk about cleaning your teeth.  I want to be just like him.

Fiona, Year 2

6th November 2020

This is my picture. I chose to paint outer space because of the lovely colours.

Adrian, Year 4

20th October 2020

I loved bringing my grandfather’s fossils into school to show my friends.

Rebekah, Year 6

20th October 2020

Being Head Girl is just the first step on my journey to becoming Prime Minister…

Max, Year 5

20th October 2020

I love hiking and horse riding in the country and my passion is hill farming with my friends.

William, now at St Paul’s School

20th October 2020

“I became interested in robotics after playing Lego Mindstorms. Now I want to see how robotics plays a part in medicine.”

Excellent in all areas: ISI Inspection Report

We are delighted to share the findings of the recent ISI Inspection which rated Broomfield excellent across all areas, both in the academic and other achievements of the pupils and in their personal development.

Here is the link to the report itself so you can read the inspectors’ wonderfully positive comments for yourself.