Parents Guide


If parents need further explanation or help please contact the school office on 0208 940 3884 or


School begins with First Bell at 8.30am

On the first day of a new academic year the children should be sent to their new class teachers in the lower playground.  The teachers will be standing with a class flag so everyone knows where to go.  The Pre-Kindergarten teachers will come to the double atrium doors (also with a flag) and will welcome children into Pre-Kindergarten from there.

Thereafter when the first bell goes at 8.30am, the Years 1-6 children line up in the playground according to their classes until sent into their classrooms by the teacher on duty. The second bell goes at 8.45am when the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children line up in the playground until sent to the classrooms by the teachers on duty. At the third bell at 9.00am the children go over to assembly in the school gym. During the first term Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten pupils are taken directly to their classrooms by parents. From the first day back in the Spring Term however Kindergarten normally line up with the rest of the school.


Pre-Kindergarten:  8.45am to 12.05pm, (3.25pm if attending afternoon sessions).

(Children may be brought to their classrooms at 8.30am for early drop off)


Kindergarten:  8.45am to 3.30pm (Children may be brought to their classrooms at 8.30am for early drop off).

Years 1 – 6:  Monday – Friday 8.30am to 3.30pm

(Years 4 – 6 end at 4.30pm on Wednesdays and from September – February half-term Year 6 end at 4.30pm)

There is a ‘break’ of 30 minutes at 10.30am. Milk and biscuits are supplied at this time.

Lunches are served to the main school in three sittings, at 12.00,  12.20 and 12.40pm


Pre-Kindergarten: Finishes at 12.05pm (or 3.25pm if attending afternoon sessions). Parents wait in the Atrium.

Main School: The bell rings at 3.30 p.m at the end of the school day.

Kindergarten & Year 1: Children are released into their parents’ care from the Atrium.

Year 2-3: Children are released into their parents’ care from the playground.

Years 4-6: Children leave from the classroom to find their parents in the playground.


Please adhere to the holiday dates, as it is very disruptive to your children’s schooling to miss lessons at the beginning or end of term.

Holiday dates are published approximately one academic year in advance.
Lessons are planned to cover the full academic terms and any absence at the beginning and end of year means that your child may miss new material.
All absences must be notified in writing, it is a legal requirement for schools to take the register twice a day and to know where pupils are at any given time.


Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term. Cheques should be made out to ‘Broomfield House School’. Fees may also be paid by direct bank transfer.  The school bank account details are on each term’s invoice.

The School Office issues an individual invoice at the end of each term. This is usually sent home via pupil post on the last day of term in an envelope which would also contain a school report in the summer term and any other relevant information for that child. Usually school notices like future dates are sent out via the eldest sibling in school.

The school fees are revised once a year in line with the government’s publication of teachers’ salaries. Parents are sent a letter at the end of the previous Spring Term with a list of fees for the following academic year.

The school invoice will include tuition fees and school lunches, games as well as Dance. However other extra-curricular activities such as individual music lessons and Technokids are payable direct to the individuals concerned.

Broomfield House School operates an ‘opt-out’ school fee protection policy in conjunction with HSBC.
Please, contact School Office for up to date information:



The school sends all academic and secretarial staff on First Aid courses:

  1. First Aid treatment carried out by members of school staff in cases of emergency, accident or illness is done so in the best considered interests of the health and safety of the child at that moment. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible;
  2. Address cards on each child are kept at the school with emergency contact numbers. The school secretary encourages all parents to make sure these are kept up-to-date.


We aim to work with parents to maintain a healthy school. To this end, we wish to help limit the spread of infection between children when there is illness in the school and to inform parents of any significant infection or infestation as appropriate.

Parents are asked to keep their child at home when they are unwell, specifically when the child has:

  • a temperature
  • any childhood disease (eg. Mumps, chicken pox etc)
  • an unidentified rash
  • significant vomiting or diarrhoea (and for 24 hours after this has ceased)
  • head lice
  • an eye infection

On the first day of your child’s non-attendance at school due to illness, please call the school secretary to inform us of your child’s absence.

The school will ask parents to collect any child from school who has:

  • a temperature
  • significant vomiting or diarrhoea
  • an identified rash or spots or signs of these
  • childhood disease
  • head lice – the child may return after treatment
  • eye infection – until treatment is effective

In these situations, the school will comfort and care for the child until the parent or carer is able to collect them, usually from the school office.

The school will notify all parents within the relevant class in the case of childhood disease or head lice.


For children who have prescribed medication to be taken at school, we will act as follows:

  • the medication must be labelled with the child’s name, dosage and instructions and it should be handed in, in person, by a parent or carer to the school office or a member of the school teaching staff
  • written permission will be sought from the parent for the medication to be administered at school to the child
  • all medication will be kept in the school first aid cupboard, only accessible to the school staff

It should be clearly understood that parents are responsible for their child’s medication.


The school aims to be well informed on current information on childhood health and we will share this with parents whenever possible or necessary.

The school office has current guidance from the Department of Health on infection control in schools and nurseries for parents reference. This guidance has informed the formulation of this health information.

From 2010 +richmond practice have provided a detailed school medical for all children from Years 1 to 6.


The school has an emergency plan in place which operated in the snow in 2009 very effectively, enabling us to close for only one day unlike all other local schools.  Broomfield uses Clarion Call text message system to communicate with parents in emergencies, plus we email, tweet and use our internet site (  Please look there if you need emergency information or, if you are a parent, look in the ‘what to do’ leaflet you were given when your child started with us.