Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Children in Years 2 and above join Houses and raise money for their House charities through cake sales, raffles and sponsored events etc. The House Charities are:

Mead House: Pioneer Preparatory School In India

Link to https://www.mondofoundation.org/

Palmer House: Phoenix Project In Guatemala

Link to Phoenix Projects https://www.thephoenixprojects.org/countries/guatemala/

Rose House: Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network In Uganda

Link to http://www.cyen.org.uk/

We also support other charitable events, including Jeans for Genes, Love in a Box and Odd Sock Day.  We support the philanthropic interests of our children as well and recent ad hoc fundraising, generated in response to specific action from our children, includes support for the residents of Grenfell Tower in 2017 as Year 6 arranged a cake sale, Save the Children’s Den Day in 2018 and supporting the Australian Red Cross and the Port Maquarrie Koala Hospital through a pupil-initiated response to the bushfire crisis in 2019.  During Lockdown our Year 2 pupils raised £620 for NHS Charities emulating Captain Tom by walking 1km at home and, for one enterprising child, making and selling lemonade.

Our Stay and Play events in the Summer Term are now sold out.

Please send us an email at admissions@broomfieldhouse.com if you would like to be notified about any upcoming events in the Autumn Term.