There is a winter and a summer uniform for all full time boys and girls. The winter uniform should be worn from the start of the academic year in September, unless the weather is particularly warm and the Head Teacher announces in writing that summer uniform may be worn. The summer uniform will be worn from the beginning of the Summer Term. The new Early Years uniform should be worn all year round in both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten


Full regulation school uniform, including hat/cap, must be worn to and from school every day except for Games Days for Years 2-6 and PE lesson day (variable).

On Games and PE days, regulation sports/PE kit must be worn to and from school. For Years 2-6 this will include tracksuit trousers, zipped hoodie and trainers. For Year 1 this will include jogging trousers, sweatshirt and trainers. The cagoule should be worn in wet/windy weather, the school coat in very cold weather. Hats are not required except that the school beanie may be worn in cold weather.

Full regulation school uniform, including hat/cap, must be worn for swimming days (Tuesday), unless it is also a PE lesson day.

NB: Bangles or jewellery of any kind should not be worn at school apart from plain stud earrings for girls with pierced ears. Earrings must either be taped up or taken out for games and PE. Earrings are not permitted in ISA netball matches so we advise that ears are not pierced until the end of the spring term or in the summer so pupils can play in autumn and spring netball competitions.

Please click here for a list of all uniform items. All items can be purchased from Dolphin House, the school outfitters (details below), except those marked in italics which are only available from the School Office. Items marked in RED are specific to Broomfield and must be purchased from Dolphin House (except Early Years red socks which could also be purchased from The Shoe Station in Kew).