Broomfield’s facilities are a mix of excellent modern buildings surrounding our original, traditional Victorian home. We are fortunate to have plenty of specialist and dedicated subject teaching spaces alongside our classrooms and theatre/gymnasium, as well as playgrounds for our nursery children, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

The school’s original building, Broomfield House, is one of the largest Victorian houses in the village. Broomfield House now provides welcoming accommodation for our Years 4, 5 and 6 classes, our practical science room; the Green Room, our new study rooms for one-to-one and small group teaching, as well as our dedicated computer room, staff room and school office.


Between 2015-2017 we have upgraded our IT facilities and modernised our playground extensively. Our IT now includes amazing Clevertouch boards in every classroom working wirelessly with our teachers’ Surface Pro tablets.

In our ICT studio we have moved onto a class set of iPads to replace the laptops and the children enjoy using our green screen and coding resources to broaden their computer-based learning.

In the playground we have renewed our traversing wall and modernised the play surfaces with colourful Easigrass, providing both a soft landing and a bright and vibrant environment. With the help of the PTA we have installed a new school pond for science lessons, two brilliant (and popular) tubular slides and two cranes for constructive play.

In addition, new boys toilets have been installed in Broomfield House along with a new disabled toilet, plus we have built a dedicated 3D Studio and space for the Art Department’s kiln.


Since 1990 we have invested over £1.5 million pounds in new buildings and improving facilities for our pupils.

In 2014, we installed new awnings for outdoor play, kindly supported by the PTA.

In 2012, Harrow House benefited from a new glazed area for our Early Years classes.

In 2004 we built the Broomfield House Annexe as an extension. Here we have two modern and bright classrooms for Years 2 and 3. All our classrooms have modern interactive white boards, space for a class library, modern furniture and good natural daylight.

We also built a new school dining room and kitchen in 2004. This is a beautiful and modern design full of bright colours and natural wood tones where our fresh, varied and popular lunches are served for all our full time children each day.

Across our soft rubber tarmac playground is Harrow House, built in the 1990s. Here we have our fully equipped gymnasium/theatre where we perform our school plays, show films, perform concerts, have dance, fencing, karate and PE lessons as well as assemblies and many other important events in the school’s life. Next door to the gymnasium are our two nursery classrooms for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, each with their own playgrounds. Across our vaulted glass atrium is our art room, music practice rooms for instrumental lessons, our dedicated singing/music room, a well-stocked and modern library and our Year 1 classroom.

Altogether we aim to provide modern and up to date facilities for our pupils and staff to use and enjoy with plenty of space and a sense not only of our Victorian heritage, but a vision of our 21st century present.


Broomfield has been providing excellent schooling in Kew since 1876. This is always the heart of our work and our focus for all our future development. Our current plans for 2018 include more Easigrass in the playground, new toilets in Early Years and a new hybrid piano in the gymnasium/theatre. Watch this space for updates.

In April 2014 we bought a Montessori Nursery in Twickenham, St Margaret’s Montessori. We are refurbishing the property with a view to expanding the school and offering current and future pupils improved facilities and a more modern environment.

In 2007 were delighted to take the ownership of Kew’s oldest Montessori school, Kew Montessori, based at St Luke’s House, five minutes’ walk away on Sandycombe Road in Kew. We were delighted in September 2016 when the Ofsted Inspection judged the provision at Kew Montessori to be ‘Outstanding’.

In the future we are focussing more on enhancing our teaching and learning, providing ever more individualisation for every child in the school. This will see further use of our energetic staff to work in small groups and with individuals to ensure all our children realise their potential. It will also see a further investment in sets of wireless laptops/iPads for use in classrooms.