Mrs Christine Doyle

Christine is an experienced professional with a diverse background, having transitioned from a distinguished career in Irish law enforcement to a dynamic role as an Operations Manager in Dubai. Her journey is a testament to her adaptability, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence. Christine brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creating an environment where students can flourish academically and personally. As the Administration Manager of Broomfield House School, she is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of organisation, communication, and teamwork, ensuring a nurturing space for both education and personal development.

By ensuring the school runs smoothly, I enable teachers to dedicate their energy to the heart of our mission – nurturing children to learn, have memorable experiences, and unlock their full potential. I take pride in knowing that my role at Broomfield facilitates precisely that environment.

Christine is a dynamic force outside the school gates, channelling her inner athlete with a zest for Gaelic football, rugby, hockey and soccer. She’s not just a sports enthusiast; she’s a globe-trotting adventurer who loves attending major sporting events. Yet, amidst the excitement, Christine’s heart lies firmly with family and friends, who hold the coveted top spots in her playbook. When she’s not scoring goals on the field, you can bet she’s scoring quality time and unforgettable moments with her nearest and dearest.