Thoughts from the Study

Posted: 28th June 2023

Thoughts from the Study

Over the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of hosting two magical Sports Days. I was witness to many demonstrations of authentic, heartfelt teamwork and camaraderie, as well as excellent sportsmanship with the children positively rooting for each other, almost as if there were no house rivalry.


Sports Day, is one of my favourite events of the year, with the excitement slowly building to the ultimate crescendo of the day itself. I vividly remember the anticipation of Sports Day from my own childhood, especially on one occasion when I was somehow, mistakenly selected to take part in the Long Jump, firmly set on a course of failure even before my first attempt. I had only tried the Long Jump several times beforehand, and on each occasion, it ended with my face firmly in the sand and every attempt flagged as a foul jump. If you Google, what makes a good Long Jumper, you will be returned three key requirements; height, speed and technique. I did not and I am almost certain, still do not possess any of those attributes. The big day came and I was pitched against much better Long Jumpers, and a heavy dose of self-doubt. As expected, I came last and I still remember the sympathy pat my sports teacher gave me, as I dragged myself out of the sand pit after my last jump in despair. Looking back, I was set up to fail, even before I had begun but in giving it a decent go, I learnt a great deal. The main learning curve, was to never ever take part in Long Jump again. The second, was that my athletic skills certainly lay elsewhere – an elsewhere, I am still trying to locate to this day.


I am so very proud of how all the children took part, had fun and competed over both days. Watching our youngest take part in the obstacle course in school, with huge smiles on their faces, was pure joy and exactly what sports should be about at that age. At Old Deer Park, each House battled it out across a number of track and field events where I thoroughly enjoyed directing the High Jump – rather ironic considering my earlier reflections. The children in all years showed bravery, commitment and support for one another throughout the day. The smell of the freshly-cut grass, the sound of cheering parents, and the sight of the children running and jumping with joy, in my mind it was a day when everyone was a winner, no matter how they performed or placed.


I do hope all parents who attended had a great time. It was a day to remember, with a record number of parent athletes heeding the call to glory and taking to the start line of the 60m sprint. This was a spectacle the children will be speaking about for some time as was the school staff race, which saw our very own Lukasz, take a superb victory after breaking his toe and spraining his ankle two years ago in the very same event – another act of bravery, another moment of elation for all who watched.


My particular thanks goes to Mr Pache, our excellent Head of Sport, for organising both events. Meticulous planning and weeks of preparations, culminated in two smoothly run and thoroughly enjoyable events. Also special thank you to all who contributed to the success of both days.


I hope to see many of you at our Summer Fair this Saturday which promises to be another fun filled, family event.


Wishing you all a great weekend.

Mr Anstey

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