Spring Term at Broomfield

Posted: 17th April 2023

We have had a wonderful and busy term with fun, adventure, lots of new experiences, competitions and, of course, some excellent learning.  Here is a selection of the exciting things which Broomfield enjoyed over the Spring Term.


In January we enjoyed a Musical Showcase, which was an absolute triumph!  Our littlest instrumentalists played their pieces with bravura and took a bow at the end.  The more experienced musicians and Chamber Choir also enjoyed their moments in the limelight, beginning with an encouraging message sung with heart in the song, Believe.  The evening stretched from classical to jazz with some heavy rock on the electric guitar!  A number of the pieces played had been composed by the children themselves, which just made them even more special!


A group of Broomfield children successfully qualified for the second round of the Primary Maths Challenge (PMC), a demanding maths competition run by the prestigious Mathematical Association. The PMC is described as making pupils, “think outside the box,” which fits brilliantly with what we aspire to at Broomfield.  Here are the Broomfield winners:

Pupil Award Year Group
Astrid GOLD 6
Levi GOLD 6
Austin SILVER 5 -first time a Year 5 student qualified for the second round!
Oscar BRONZE 6
Stephane BRONZE 6


The Year 5 Debating Team (Ava, Austin, Bethan, Leila, Millie and Rohan) achieved outstanding success at the inaugural Cicero Cup debating competition, from within a field of thirty-two schools!  They won their two opening debates; on animal testing and climate change, beating two Year 6 teams from Eaton Square and St Martin’s Prep.  This ensured qualification for the supreme final play-off against a Year 6 team from Salusbury Primary School.  The judges included Baroness Blower from the House of Lords and Laurence Lee, a former Sky News journalist and broadcaster.  Following an enthralling final and a split-decision, we came in as the runners-up but emerged with honour intact!




Congratulations went to Rose House who retained their Spelling Bee title this year.  Lara represented Rose House and Elias represented Mead House in an incredibly tense and exciting head to head final. The winning word was chandelier.







Year 1 were delighted to be nurturing four delightful ducklings: Blackberry, Dotty, Flower and Matilda., courtesy of Incredible Eggs.  It was so utterly wonderful to watch them grow, they become three times bigger in the two weeks they stay with us.  The children helped their charges take their first paddle in the water, such an exciting moment!












On the dramatic front, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils provided an amazing evening’s entertainment in two Spring Musicals.  Year 3 treated us to the fantastic Greece Goes To Pieces, while Year 4 showcased Famous Fables, using extracts from Aesop’s Fables.  It was great to see their hard work of learning lines and making costumes and props pay off.  Mrs Brown and Miss Fourie were so proud of the dedication and spirit shown and the audience was most appreciative


The Broomfield Red Netball Team performed exceptionally well in the ISA Netball Competition, smashing the regional round and getting the opportunity to play in the Nationals, such an achievement for a small school of 180 pupils!  After the regionals, Sports Captain, Clara, reported, “We won 6 matches and did not let our opponents get a single goal.  Our best score was 7:0!”  Mr Pache and Mrs Hughes were so proud of the girls, who worked strongly together as a team, maximising every opportunity.  We often compete in the Nationals in Swimming and Cross-Country but this is the first time the netballers have achieved this stage.  We wish them the best of luck in the Nationals on 26th April 2023.




Our team of 16 Cross Country runners also did well in their ISA Competition, running on a very chilly day.  Lenny in Year 4 ran particularly effectively, coming in 8th place out of a field of around 80 children and went forward to run in the National event.  In another Cross-Country Competition, both the Year 5 and Year 4 girls came in third place in their respective heats.

The Swim Squad did brilliantly at the Richmond Borough Gala, taking first place in 7 of their races.  Broomfield was placed in the top 3 in 13 races out of 18.  What a great performance!

Congratulations also go to Gigi, Year 2, who is a terrific trampoliner, and has been invited to train with the England Squad.  This is a great opportunity for Gigi and we wish her the very best of luck.









Year 6 pupils enjoyed a three-night trip to sunny Spain just before the end of term, Broomfield’s first overseas residential visit.  After arriving safely in Aguilas, they explored the nearby marina and fed the fish, before getting some well needed rest.  The second day was rather food-related, beginning with a scrumptious continental breakfast, and then taking a Spanish cooking class making coconut sweets. Que bien!  Other activities took them often to the local beach for sea bathing, football and volleyball and some amazing watersports.  They enjoyed a photography competition, which involved lots of running and posing, as well as a visit to a local castle and trips to ice cream vendors!  There was also a wonderful BBQ and the children pulled out all the stops to throw a birthday party for two of their number, “Feliz cumpleaños” Stéphane y Yasmine!


Pre-Kindergarten pupils visited our local post office and Kew Library.  Postmaster Dillip helped them identify the stamps needed to send their letters, depending on how far they had to travel.  They are hoping to get some replies from friends and family both near and far.  Gavin, the Librarian, demonstrated animated story telling skills while reading a wide range of stories to the children, with terrific characterisation.  It was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves in an activity which hopefully helps to grow their love of reading.





Kindergarten pupils welcomed some animal visitors from the lovely team at Zoo Lab.  Their guests included tarantula spiders, cockroaches, snakes, a giant millipede, a tortoise and a tropical frog . The children were very brave and held some of the creatures as well as learning about their habits and habitat!  It was a lot of fun.  The class also visited the Polka Theatre to watch a performance of Jack V Giant; a new interpretation of the classic tale which the class had enjoyed in lessons.  They have been growing their own beanstalks in class, watching them change from beans to wonderful tall plants, learning important science and nurturing skills.



Year 1 headed off the visit Shrek in an adventure to his swamp.  While there, they met many favourite heroes and heroines:  Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, The Gingerbread Man, Pinocchio and Rumpelstiltskin.  An exciting workshop on storytelling set them up nicely for their classwork on re-telling famous tales.   The class also had a fantastic trip to Odds Farm, where they fed the animals and groomed the goats!





Matilda the Musical was a terrific afternoon out for Year 2.  The Roald Dahl story has been a class reader this term

and so it was wonderful to see the characters they had come to love brought to life on stage.  They also had a creative time at the Kew Ceramics Cafe in a workshop exploring colours and textures.

As part of their History topic, Year 3 embraced Ancient Greek life by making their own pita bread, competing in an Olympics, creating Greek vases, discovering artefacts and debating important issues in a Broomfield equivalent of the Grecian Agora.






Going back in time, Year 4 headed out to Hampton Court Palace, to add colour and drama to their history lessons on life at King Henry VIII’s court.  Year 5 went to visit the Globe Theatre, to extend their study of Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.  It was great to see a performance in the wooden ‘O’, soaking up the atmosphere and imagining what it would have been like to be a rowdy audience member in the Elizabethan theatre in 1599.  The workshop on Hamlet was great for unravelling Shakespearian language and exploring how he created tension and drama.

As part of their preparation for senior school, Year 6 class visited Holly Lodge in Richmond Park for the Junior Citizen Day. They worked in groups to learn top safety tips first hand from emergency service workers, including the Police, Fire Brigade, TFL and Volunteer Maritime Services and Council Officers. The afternoon presented a fantastic opportunity to learn how to deal with different types of dangers and to be upstanding members of the community.


Fundraising and Community Engagement

The wonderful Broomfield PTA, were, as always, thinking of others, launching an emergency fundraising drive to support the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, following the devastation of this natural disaster.  They raised £2620 which Dukes matched, raising a grand total of £5240.

Our Charities Captain, Aahna, was the driving force behind an initiative to thank members of our community for their support throughout the year.  Each class sent letters of appreciation to different local heroes, including:

  • Pre-Kindergarten wrote to Postmaster Dilip at the Kew Post Office to thank him for his kindness.
  • Year 3 wrote to React, a local charity that raises money for children with terminal illnesses.
  • Year 4 created an amazing card and photo for our local Police, thanking them for all they do to keep us safe.
  • Year 6 thanked our local Ambulance service in gratitude for their commitment to saving lives on a daily basis.

It was lovely to see some children dressing in traditional costume and colours to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  In fact, we have learned that the Lunar New Year is celebrated in many other Asian countries not just China, but it was lovely to enjoy a Chinese meal from Chef Tom at lunchtime.  Many parents came into Early Years to help the children learn more about this celebration and Charlotte B in Year 4 spoke eloquently in Mrs Zammit’s assembly on this celebration.

Rose House Captain, Adrian, and his team ran an excellent Cake Sale and Raffle this term, raising £310 in support of the Chrysalis Project, which empowers young people to create change in their local communities.  Rose sponsors the education of two children, Ivan and Mercy, as a part of our charitable giving.  Click here to learn more about this excellent scheme.

The last day of term saw our annual Easter Egg Hunt run by our fabulous PTA team. The children had lots of fun trying to find the hidden eggs and were rewarded with a chocolate treat.  Special congratulations go to the finders of the Golden Eggs, which saw an even more chocolately treat!

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone as we begin our Easter holidays.

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