Broomfield loves a good debate and reach the Cicero Cup final

Posted: 27th January 2023

Debating is a fabulous life skill and we are keen for Broomfield children to develop the confidence to argue well.  We regularly encourage them to articulate their own thoughts and beliefs as well as debating from a pre-selected position, which they may or may not agree with.  We teach these skills in our Philosophy and Ethics lessons as well as in other curriculum areas.  Recently Years 4 and 5 enjoyed a debating workshop with Noisy Classroom, to learn the skills and protocols of organised debating.  Mr Kennedy, who runs our debating activities, says that the children revealed massively impressive and, in some cases, unexpected and combative debating talents.  He was particularly delighted to see the children’s ability to switch instantly between both sides of a subject.

Having enjoyed the workshop, on Wednesday our Year 5 debating team (Austin, Ava, Bethan, Leila, Millie and Rohan), reached the final of the Cicero Cup debating challenge, competing against seven other schools in a heat at Ibstock Place School.  Broomfield won both our debates, firstly arguing in favour of abolition of the monarchy and in the second waxing lyrical against the banning of junk food for children.  Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience but all the children rose to the occasion wonderfully, arguing their cases with passion and eloquence as they challenged their opponents’ positions.  Mr Kennedy was extremely proud of the support and encouragement the team gave to each other.

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