Recollections of 8 years at Broomfield

Posted: 1st June 2022

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This week, Year 6 led an hilarious review of their time at Broomfield, drawing out memories from each year they have been in school.  Their many and varied portrayals brought good humour and gentle mockery to their characterisations of key staff, both past and present, over their journey with us.  They brought us Mrs Baird, resplendent in one of her flamboyant hats and larger than life expressive gestures.  Mrs Hill’s witty turns of phrase, always encouraging a ‘have a go’ attitude and overflowing with positivity featured highly, as did Mr Kennedy’s passion for Maths, including a reprise of his alter ego – Rockstar, Travis Santos!  The colourful shirts, energy and enthusiasm made it easy to spot Mr Halliday in the mix, as well as Mrs Munasinghe’s elegance and kindness.  Amelie played a blinder, building a scarily accurate picture of Mrs Byers’ sense of style and great hair, as she introduced the performance in character.

It was a joy to see the enormous fun the class recalled and to note their selected high points: the Kingswood Residential Trip and visiting Bockett’s Farm in Year 1, when they cheered on the competitors in a piglet race, to name just a few.  The show culminated in an adaptation of Rick Astley’s famous hit, Never Gonna Give You Up, with their own words expressing their intention never to give up Broomfield!

It reminded us that, having spent this year as big fish in a little pond, the Year 6 children are ready to spread their wings and open themselves up to new places and experiences.  We just hope that they will go on to create wonderful new memories to join their happy recollections of life at Broomfield.




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