Encouraging an environmentally friendly life

Posted: 8th October 2021

Our committed Environmental Captain, Grayce, drew our attention to changes in our environment and what or who is responsible for them.  Addressing today’s Assembly she gave a passionate speech encouraging us all to make small changes in our lives that could cumulatively have a bigger, beneficial impact on the world.  Reminding us to reduce our use of plastics, especially one-use items, to cut down our consumption of red meat and to champion walking and cycling over car journeys, we can all make a difference and help keep the planet from harm.  It was so exciting to see a clever and articulate young woman using her voice to fight for a positive impact on something she is enthusiastic about.

Categories: Academics
Excellent in all areas: ISI Inspection Report

We are delighted to share the findings of the recent ISI Inspection which rated Broomfield excellent across all areas, both in the academic and other achievements of the pupils and in their personal development.

Here is the link to the report itself so you can read the inspectors’ wonderfully positive comments for yourself.