Week Two of our online learning

1st May 2020

It’s Friday and another week of remote learning has sped by.  We are becoming more familiar with managing tasks and lessons on Google Classroom and Tapestry, children’s work spaces have been carved out at home and we are learning the etiquette of communication on Google Meet and Zoom.

The children have produced some wonderful work and I hear that Centurion Cassius has been back in Year 3 inspiring the children with facts about classical Roman architecture; the Colosseum, aquaducts and the baths.  One of our parents has told us she can almost quote Cassius word for word as her daughter has been watching and re-watching his sessions!

Every cloud has a silver lining and while we are are missing being with the children and our colleagues, it is lovely to see how the teachers are bringing amazing lessons to life in new and exciting ways.  Thank you to the families who have expressed their appreciation and been so encouraging.  This quote from one of our parents who has three children in different year groups says it all so beautifully.

“Thank you for another fantastic week of online learning.  I am amazed at the quality of teaching that the children receive for every lesson and the engaging and fun way that the work is presented to them. The teachers are doing the most incredible job – thank you to them all.”
Summer Term Arrangements

Broomfield’s summer term has begun and so has our remote learning programme.  With a mix of live interactive sessions, task and project–based work our students are experiencing the full breadth of the curriculum.  Our lessons allow maximum flexibility for families juggling the schedules of both parents and children.  We have had some lovely feedback from our families, such as:

“Please say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the staff, and I appreciate how much work it is also for the teachers to deal with the new schooling.” Parent of children in Years 3 and 4.

“Please extend my congrats and thanks to the staff that are doing a great job.  We really appreciate your effort and commitment with the education and wellbeing of our kids.”  Parent of children in Pre-Kindergarten and Year 1

We can’t wait to be back in school again, but it’s good to know that our new ways of working are appreciated.

Mrs Susie Byers