Pre-Kindergarten – Year 1

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 1 are taught PE lessons by a specialist teacher in our fully equipped gymnasium at the school. We have specific Early Years PE equipment in the gym and the children work on balance, control of movement and catching and throwing skills. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten also have dance lessons as part of their curriculum, which is another opportunity to develop physical skills.

The highlight of the sports calendar for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 1 is the Junior Sports Day which takes place in the Summer Term.

From Year 1, the children start swimming lessons at Pools on the Park and take part in our annual school swimming gala.

There are a variety of extra curricular sports options at Broomfield. Pee Wee karate is offered from Pre-Kindergarten onwards. There is a junior after-school football club for boys and girls from Kindergarten upwards. Incidentally, we have qualified female and male football coaches to provide positive role models for the girls. From Year 1, both boys and girls can take part in the Daley Thompson Athletics club.

Years 2-6

Years 2-3 play Games on Thursday afternoons and Years 4-6 play Games on Wednesday afternoons. They should come to school dressed in games kit under school tracksuits, with football boots (if required) in a bag. The younger boys need to learn to tie their football boot laces and loosen them for ease of use. Should rain stop or prevent play, the games staff are allocated time in the school gym or dining hall for agility and evasion exercises, sporting videos, quizzes and games which are all used to reinforce skills.

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, the children are taken by coach to our home grounds at Barn Elms Sports Trust in Barnes. The children arrive at the grounds to kick off at 2.00 P.M. On Wednesdays they enjoy an extended afternoon and return to school just before 4.30 pm. This gives the children more time for match play, allowing them to implement the skills learnt in practice. On Thursdays children kick off at 2.00 P.M for an hour long session, they arrive back to school for the normal 3:30 P.M dismissal. Parents may not collect from the sports grounds except on Sports Day, when parents are encouraged to come along, cheer on the participants and perhaps take part themselves in some special races.


Girls play netball, hockey and rounders. They are coached by our specialist external coaches and staff from Brentford Football Club's Netball coaching team. As the girls get older, they compete in House matches in all three sports, in ISA competitions and against other local schools. Both girls and boys are taught gymnastics, and have swimming lessons once a week at Pools on the Park in Richmond.


Boys are coached in football, rugby and cricket. We employ specialist coaches from Brentford FC and London Wasps, working alongside our Head of Sport, Ross Montague who is an ex-professional footballer. We have been working with Brentford since 2010 and have seen an outstanding improvement in the standard of football. Mr Montague played for Brentford and as a result, Broomfield enjoys a close relationship with the club. In 2013, we began to work with London Wasps, they have promoted rugby extremely effectively at Broomfield and deliver some of the finest coaching available. As the boys progress up the school they play House football matches within school, in ISA competitions and in external matches against local schools.  In 2014 our boys came second in the ISA cricket competition, which was a huge achievement in our first year with the organisation.

Mother V Daughters and Fathers & Sons v Teachers matches

During the Spring term, there is a Mothers v Daughters Netball match and Fathers and Sons football match during their last games session of the Autumn term.

The first half of the Summer term is devoted to cricket and rounders. After half term the children prepare for the track and field events of Sports Day, reverting back to cricket and rounders once Sports Day is over.

A full first aid kit is taken down to the Games field and the teachers have mobile telephones. All our teachers are trained in basic First Aid.


Gymnastic classes form part of the general School curriculum and are taught in our on-site gym. There is a gymnastic club and pupils are entered for BAGA awards, regularly achieving top levels. In recent years Broomfield girls have achieved national rankings in sports acrobatics.


Swimming classes are held at Pools on the Park, Old Deer Park, Twickenham Road, Richmond, throughout the year for Years 1 to 6.

In recent years our swimmers have been very successful in the Borough Championships and a small number have been selected for elite national squads. Every year the swimming staff arrange for the children to take awards ranging from swimming unaided for 25 minutes to the extremely challenging SEAL 3 and 4 Awards.

Years 5 and 6 are taken straight to the pool for 7.45 A.M, returning to school by coach for breakfast in the dining hall before lessons. Years 1 and 3 are taken straight to the pool for 8.45 A.M and return to school by coach.  Years 2 and 4 come to school at 8.45 A.M as normal and are taken to the pool by coach for 9.30 A.M.  Lessons are held in the learners pool to begin with, under the instruction of one of the pool instructors or one of our own qualified swimming teachers. It is acceptable for children to wear their swimming costume under their school uniform in order to speed up the changing. They should not, of course, forget to bring their underwear to change into afterwards!

Children should not be left unattended at the pool and should wait quietly until the teaching staff arrive. Please keep your children under control while they are waiting to go in and change. They must not run around in the foyer or in the cafeteria area. Parents are requested to keep well away from the poolside during lessons, as this can prove to be a distraction to swimmers and staff alike.

Please ensure you register with Broomfield staff on arrival at the Pool. Late-comers must sign in at Reception to indicate on the Broomfield sheet that children have arrived at the Pool. Correct telephone numbers are required, particularly in the event of an emergency: for example, if your child is not registered and acknowledged as being present by a member of Broomfield staff, they may get left behind and will not be looked for in the event of a fire.

Non-swimmers and siblings of swimmers who have to be taken direct to the pool for the 9.00 am session will be supervised at school in the Year 2 classroom from8.30 a.m. Swimmers for the 9.30 am session leave school at 9.00 am promptly by coach.

Swimming is part of the National curriculum as well as the school curriculum. We do therefore expect all children to swim except in special circumstances when a note should be provided. Non-swimmers should arrive at school at the normal time and will work under supervision until their class returns from the pool.

Daley Thompson Athletics club

We are delighted to welcome Daley Thompson, legendary Olympian and former Broomfield parent, back to BHS with his athletics club. The club is taught by national level athletes who provide a brilliant training for children in all areas of athletics. This type of training is an adapted version of what older children learn to do at athletics clubs so it is an excellent form of exercise and introduction to a sport in which the UK excels. The club takes place in the school playground on Wednesdays from 3:34 – 4:45 P.M. The programme includes running drills and techniques, sprint starts, endurance development, hurdles, jumping activities, throwing skills, basic technical aspects of athletics, team tactics and games.

Sporting Trips

Each year the children get the opportunity to watch Sport at a high level. There are annual trips to watch football, netball and rugby fixtures. In 2014 we were lucky enough to watch Surrey Storm win at the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park and watch Harlequins at Wembley Stadium. These fixtures are always heavily attended and raise money for the school sports fund.