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Making a splash!

8th November 2021

Nine pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 set off for Guildford on Friday 5th November to represent Broomfield in the regional finals of the ISA Swimming Gala.  Participating in…

Broomfield is full of light and colour

8th November 2021

We had a wonderful day on Thursday celebrating Diwali, Festival of Lights.  Ananya, Anushka, Ayan and Rohan led us on a journey around little known facts about Diwali in assembly,…

An Agent of the Wild visits Broomfield

15th October 2021

We were delighted to welcome visiting author, Jennifer Bell, into school on Tuesday.  Years 2-5 were enthusiastic about her talk based around her own introduction to reading, which had not…

A Bumper Crop

15th October 2021

Ms Scorer will be cooking with Broomfield’s home grown potato harvest next week, after some of our keen gardeners were digging up the crop.  Let’s hope they taste good and…

Bravo to the Broomfield Debate Team

15th October 2021

On Wednesday 13th October, Ananya, Aurora and Olivier, of Year 6 took part in a debating festival, the first ever run by Dukes Education, at Eaton Square Senior School.  The…

Encouraging an environmentally friendly life

8th October 2021

Our committed Environmental Captain, Grayce, drew our attention to changes in our environment and what or who is responsible for them.  Addressing today’s Assembly she gave a passionate speech encouraging…

Little Owls in Pre-Kindergarten

1st October 2021

Our littlest children have been enjoying the wonderful story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.   They made their own owl babies using fir cones, cotton wool and googly eyes, rising to…

21st Century Curriculum  – Educating the Alpha Generation

1st October 2021

In any school curriculum, English and Maths have traditionally reigned superior.  And this is understandable, considering all subjects include some element of both.  Yet alongside this, the national curriculum and…

Learning life skills in Cookery Club

17th September 2021

Ms Scorer’s two new Cookery Clubs met this week and learned the kitchen safety rules in preparation for whipping up some scrumptious sweet and savoury treats over the coming weeks….

Investigating the depths of the Broomfield Pond

17th September 2021

Science Club got off to a fascinating start using investigative skills to categorise the minibeasts populating our pond.  Freshwater shrimp, water fleas, water snails and mosquito larvae were among the…