The National Gallery

Year 1 had prepared well for their trip to the National Gallery where one of the curators helped them to look at a painting in depth. They had studied Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ in detail and made their own version in the classroom which they were then able to compare with the ‘real thing’. They also made their own individual pictures of Rousseau’s ‘Surprised!’ in class and enjoyed seeing the original painting, complete with its pouncing tiger.

Year 3 looked at paintings of Greek Myths to support their topic on Myths and Legends. They later got creative painting portraits of Medusa’s head, writhing snakes and all.

Arrangements for learning from 23 March

It is with regret that Broomfield House School will be partially closing from 3.30pm on Friday 20th March.  We have been open and providing our customary high quality education in school until this point but, following Government advice, we will now be fully supporting the children’s learning at home.  We have developed robust plans for this, working with our website provider and IT systems support and will be delivering age-appropriate teaching to our children and families.  We will be supporting many different ways of learning which will include text-based work, online lessons, video content and, with parental support, will be marking the children’s work and giving feedback to parents about it.  In Early Years we will also use the Tapestry system.

Developing these new ways of working and learning are exciting and we are confident that the innovations we are introducing to deal with these strange times will offer long term benefits to pupils, parents and staff alike.

We will continue to support the children of key workers at school to allow their parents to provide these critical services during the current situation.

We have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our school community.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone well and hope you all stay safe and healthy.

With all good wishes

Mrs Susie Byers