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Re-creating famous works of art – you won’t believe your eyes!

5th August 2020

Throughout lockdown our fantastic Artist in residence challenged our children to re-create famous works of art in their own homes. We were so impressed by the results, watch the video below to see some of these fantastic re-creations yourself!  

Things are growing well in Pre-Kindergarten

15th May 2020

Here are some lovely photos of Pre-Kindergarten, showing their gardening exploits which have arisen from their work on the topic on growth.  Isn’t it amazing to see what some sunshine, rain and a bit of love and care can do?

Art at Broomfield

12th May 2020

Mrs Frey has been working remotely with the children on some lovely imaginative projects.  Year 3 have been inspired by Frida Kahlo into producing fabulous floral headpieces and Year 2 have been creating artworks of themselves with their pets.  Here is a montage of some of the contributions. Enjoy!    

Week Two of our online learning

1st May 2020

It’s Friday and another week of remote learning has sped by.  We are becoming more familiar with managing tasks and lessons on Google Classroom and Tapestry, children’s work spaces have been carved out at home and we are learning the etiquette of communication on Google Meet and Zoom. The children have produced some wonderful work…

Looking after those who look after us!

27th April 2020

Another enterprising Broomfield family has been baking for the wonderful staff at our local Ealing and Hammersmith Hospitals. Maya, Year 5, has been whipping up some delicious brownies, cakes and cookies as a way to show her appreciation for the commitment of the NHS staff.  But, not content with feeding the healthcare workers, Maya has…

All in a good cause

27th April 2020

The energetic Sharpe family have been active in fundraising for the Starlight Children’s Foundation UK.  Mrs Sharpe had planned to be running the London Marathon for the first time this year, but undeterred after it was postponed, she set herself a new 2.6 challenge, running 10km everyday for a week round a local field followed…

Inspired by Paul Klee

27th April 2020

Linking art and English, last week Mrs Frey asked Year 3 to come up with their own artworks inspired by Paul Klee’s Once Emerged from the Grey of Night, 1918, in which he mixes painting and poetry.  Here are a few examples of the children’s interpretations entitled Alphabet Soup.  You can see some lovely use…

Launch of Broomfield’s Remote Learning

24th April 2020

What an eventful week it has been as we have launched into our remote learning programme.  All our teachers have worked so hard to learn the new technology and make it work for their own lessons.  We are rising to the challenge of working with our children in these unusual conditions. We have welcomed feedback…


31st March 2020

Year 3 took on the roles of Gods and Goddesses helping, and hindering, Jason and his brave Argonauts on their quest to win the Golden Fleece.  They faced many challenges, even a dragon, and kept the audience enthralled with their intrepid exploits.  Well done Year 3, there was some convincing acting and some terrific songs…

Pied Piper spotted at Broomfield

31st March 2020

Grumpy Mr Brumhandel fights a losing battle to keep Hamelin clean as the people of the town refuse to take responsibility for their own mess, resulting in, guess what?  A plague of nasty rats!  Can the Pied Piper help?  Year 4 kept their audience on the edge of their seats as they moved us through…