Broomfield has hosted a Stagecoach school since 2002. At first, the school was owned and run directly by Stagecoach, and then in 2004 the current principal, Stephen Guilfoyle and his wife Jenny took over Stagecoach Kew, taking it from strength to strength. Many Broomfield children enjoy their Friday and Saturday classes at Stagecoach alongside children from around the area with the classic Stagecoach mix of singing, acting and dancing.

We were all very excited when one of our Stagecoach Kew dance teachers, Lizzie Gough, was one of the last remaining finalists in the 2010 BBC dance show “So You Think You Can Dance?” The children were even more excited when Lizzie arrived at the school one Thursday evening with a BBC film crew to film for that week’s live show alongside her Stagecoach pupils from Broomfield and other local schools.

Stagecoach is a wonderful addition to life at Broomfield and we are delighted Stephen and Jenny continue to choose Broomfield as the home for their excellent school, using our hall and other performance facilities to the full. Stagecoach Kew can be contacted via their website on