Pee Wee and Funakoshi Karate

Broomfield children have been learning Pee Wee and Funakoshi Shotokan Karate with Sensei Debi Steven’s school since 2004. With Sensei Debi’s enthusiasm and commitment to her sport, Broomfield is now a hotbed of young karateka, with most of our youngest children enjoying our optional in-school Pee Wee Karate lessons and many Year 1 and above children carrying on the sport with Sensei Debi’s Funakoshi Shotokan club lessons both here at school at 8am on Tuesday and Thursdays, or at the Kew Scout Hut after school.

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Since 2009 we have awarded a school karate cup, which was won for the first time by Year 6 leaver Ameya Barve, who was a Brown belt. Broomfield students Freya Thompson, Oscar York, Trajan Nader and Ben York have all won medals at the World Funakoshi Karate Championships in Turin and Verona. In the 2018 XIX FSKA World Karate Championships 10 Broomfield Karate Club members competed and we were delighted that Danial, Jonathan and Anjali all secured medals in team and’/or individual events.