Key Dates for Entry

Each academic year we offer places into our Pre Kindergarten ( 5 mornings a week with the option of afternoons also) and our Kindergarten (all day). We offer Pre Kindergarten places to our main list (people with a guarantee of an offer of a place) in the October before they would start at Broomfield House School. Kindergarten places are also normally offered at this time, or sometimes earlier.

We are happy to accept registration forms for your children any time after they are born. At that point we will write to you and let you know if you are on our main list (with a guaranteed offer of a place) or on our waiting list (not guaranteed an offer of a place). We do give priority on offers of places to children who are younger siblings of existing Broomfield families, to children of former pupils, to children with siblings also on our main or waiting lists, and to children already attending our sister nursery schools, Kew Montessori and St Margaret’s Montessori.

Once families have accepted a place in our early years classes, we invite you in for an open afternoon with your children in the Summer term before you enter Kindergarten or Pre- Kindergarten so you can meet the class teachers along with the children and parents in the class.

For children entering in Year 1 and above we normally invite you to bring your son or daughter into school for a trial morning in order to assess their abilities and see whether Broomfield is the right school for your children. Based on this, we may make a formal offer of a place. We would then arrange for your children to have a full and individual introduction to the school at a mutually convenient later date before starting with us.

New families are welcome to send your children to our Easter and Summer holiday courses as way of introducing them to our staff, buildings and children. These courses are fun, based on sports, arts and crafts, and are run by our teachers in the holidays times. Full details will always be sent to you with your enrolment information once you have accepted a place.

Our full admissions policy can be found in the Policies section under ‘The School’.

Any questions will be dealt with Ms Dale Cash, our Marketing and Admissions Secretary on 020 8940 3884 or